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Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale - Ultra Beast Raid Hours

During the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale event, learn all about the alternating raid hours for the Ultra Beasts.
Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale - Ultra Beast Raid Hours

The Season of GO is almost over and the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale is just around the corner. On August 27, Ultra Beasts will finally appear in raids so that everyone within the mobile game can attempt to claim the full set of new Pokémon.

Like the initial GO Fest 2022 event that took place in June, the Finale event will have habitats and set raid hours for Trainers to participate in. Knowing when the four different Ultra Beasts will appear in their own set raids is important if you want to get the full collection before they're gone for a set amount of time.

Ultra Beast raid hours during Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale

Ultra Beasts
Ultra Beasts will finally appear for Trainers everywhere. (Picture: Niantic)

The GO Fest 2022 Finale will start at 10 am local time on August 27. As soon as the event begins, the habitats and raid hours will rotate on a timer. Standard GO Fest changes on a consistent hourly basis, but everything will eventually get two hours in a rotation. GO Fest 2022 Finale rotations will stick to a separate schedule.

Everything in the Finale will be based on a two-hour rotation schedule. Both the habitats and the raids will remain in place for two hours at a time before the next set moves in. They are called Incursions to keep up with the theme. Below you'll find the full schedule.

Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale Ultra Beast Hours

  • Ultra Incursion: Pheromosa - 10 am local time to 12 pm local time
  • Ultra Incursion: Buzzwole - 12 pm local time to 2 pm local time
  • Ultra Incursion: Xurkitree - 2 pm local time to 4 pm local time
  • Ultra Incursion: Nihilego - 4 pm local time to 6 pm local time
Season of GO
The other worldly events are coming to a close. (Picture: Niantic)

During the final Incursion time, all four Ultra Beasts will be available to battle in Five-Star raids. This is the perfect time to get the beasts that you need because the event is officially over once 6 pm local time rolls around. They'll likely return in future events, but it may take a while.

While the Nihilego Incursion raid hours will have all four beasts available, the same sentiment isn't held for the habitats. Each habitat tied to the two-hour incursion will be entirely unique in the Pokémon GO event. If you miss any special spawns during a set Incursion time, you'll have to move on to the next set. But there are a ton of spawns to celebrate the end of the Season of GO, so best of luck in getting them all.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.