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What Is The Community Day Classic In Pokémon GO?

With such an extensive schedule in the next season, learn what the Community Day Classic is in Pokémon GO.
What Is The Community Day Classic In Pokémon GO?

The Season of GO is quickly coming to a close in Pokémon GO, and with just a couple of weeks left, Niantic has revealed some of the event dates in the upcoming season. One of those dates was reserved for the Community Day Classic well into the Autumn season.

Four new Community Day dates were revealed up until December of 2022. We all know what the normal Community events entail, but the Classic version is likely new for a majority of players. There have only been about two in the past and they are always events that you won't want to miss.

Pokémon GO - What is the Community Day Classic?

Mudkip was the last Pokémon in a Community Classic day. (Picture: Niantic)

Classic days in Pokémon GO always mean another shot at popular content that appeared in the past. The Community Day Classic means the return of a Community Day that went live early on in the event cycle. Not only are they the return of an event, but they usually are reserved for Pokémon that are considered the most possible.

Two Classic events have appeared in the past, and one of them took place in early 2022. Bulbasaur was the focus of the first Classic event and Mudkip took over in the second. Both of these days were chances for Trainers to get a shiny version of a popular Pokémon and an exclusive move.

Community Day Classics are also Pokémon that are typically considered powerful in the GO Battle League. Both Swampert and Venusaur are fantastic picks in the Great League. However, both of them require charge attacks that were initially released for Community Days. Their classic return ensured that an Elite TM wasn't needed.

Bulbasaur Classic
Bulbasaur was one of the first features to return in a Community Day. (Picture: Niantic)

This upcoming Community Day Classic will go live on November 5. Remember that this day will not take the place of the usual monthly Community Day, so another one will go live about a week later on November 13. Nothing has been revealed about the featured Pokémon though.

Which Pokémon appears on the Classic day will largely depend on the theme of the new season and past events. Considering we've already seen a Water and a Grass-type featured, it's likely that Fire-types are next. Kanto and Hoenn have also already been featured, so Johto could be next.

Regardless of the feature that gets announced, the Community Day Classic will bring back all of the features from the first time it went live. As long as you have a ticket, you'll have a chance to participate in early November.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.