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When is the Starly Community Day in Pokémon GO - Shiny form and more

Find out when the Starly Community Day begins in Pokémon GO and whether the Starling has a shiny form or not.
When is the Starly Community Day in Pokémon GO - Shiny form and more

While the Deino Community Day just came to an end this weekend, there's no time to waste. and the Starly Community Day in Pokémon GO was announced for this coming July. Each month, Trainers are guaranteed an event to one Pokémon, and the Starling is next in line for a full feature.

Though a Community Day is guaranteed at least 12 times per year in Pokémon GO, the exact dates and times are always in question. Just recently, the time on the events was essentially cut in half while bonuses remain throughout the day. The good news is that there won't be a full month in between these summer events.

Pokémon GO Starly Community Day - Dates and shiny form details

Starly Community Day
Starly is the feature for Community Day in July. (Picture: Niantic)

Niantic announced that the Starly Community Day will go live in Pokémon GO on July 17, 2022. Not only does this give trainers about three weeks in between Starly and Deino, which was at the end of June, but it also takes place on a Sunday. Because of the local times that Pokémon GO uses, everyone around the world will have their respective event begin on Sunday morning.

The official start time is 11 am local time and the Starly Community Day event will end at 2 pm local time. In the past, the events were six hours long and would take place on a Saturday. To make up for the change in times to some degree, there will be additional Staraptor raids and spawns that continue for the rest of the day.

As always, Trainers can expect brand new Special Research and some Elite moves for Staraptor if done at the right time. Tickets for the Special Research always cost $1 and if you can evolve a Staravia during the event, you can guarantee the Gust Fast Attack.

This attack is a Flying-type move with 16 power in PvP and 25 power in PvE. After the event, the move will likely be placed in Elite TM slots and will become far more exclusive in the future. Regardless of whether you have the ticket though, anyone can get the Gust Fast Attack.

Shiny Starly in the July Pokémon GO Community Day

Earn the Gust Fast Attack on Staraptor. (Picture: Niantic)

One of the best parts of any Community Day is the prospect of a shiny, and the next up is shiny Starly. With so many spawns in the three hours of the event, it's nearly impossible to miss out on a shiny if you encounter as many Pokémon as possible.

Even if a shiny form isn't available for a pick in Pokémon GO, Community Days always ensure that a shiny form will at the very least debut. Starly appears to have one already, but with only a few weeks left until the next event, there is no need to worry about finding one.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.