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Rainbow Six Siege
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R6 Siege caster calls for change to "awkward" Kids Dormitory call out

The "serious request" is a result of casters being led to say things that, on the surface at least, have negative connotations.

Casting esports can be a weird vocation, unlike traditional sports where much of the aggressive posturing (combat sports aside) is just that, posturing, however in esports competitors often take on the role of stone-cold killers; blasting into buildings, wreaking havoc, all before defusing the bomb.

It's a role that can throw up some choice phrasing, especially in conjunction with players' handles and some of the weird and wonderful maps that games are competed on.

A good example was brought to recently by Rainbow Six: Siege caster, Parker "Interro" Mackay, who took to Twitter to plead with Ubisoft to change the name of a particular bombsite on Oregon, namely "Kid's Dormitory".

(Picture: Ubisoft)

In the über-fast-paced world of Siege casting, it doesn't take too much imagination to see why it might prove problematic but, in case you were struggling to see what the issue is G2's Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen made it obvious in a reply to Mackay.

"'He is inside kids,'" wrote Pengu before adding a smile. "It’s f***g rough. Even as a player it just feels wrong."

Penju Kids Dormitory
Pengu sympathised with Mackay's dilemma. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Mackay would go on to further explain that the awkward phrasing can lead to casters second-guessing themselves, ultimately leading to a poor experience for the viewer.

"As a caster, the word 'kids' sounds awful when said alongside other callouts, leading to awkward & inappropriate phrasing."

"This is a serious request, by the way. Having to consciously navigate a minefield of horrible phrasing all because the word "kids" is involved really sucks. Changing the name of the bombsite would make our jobs easier."




Mackay also pre-empted those that suggest they call it "dorms" a moniker that is often used by casters already but Mackay feels an official change would improve the experience for everyone.

"Standardizing callouts helps everyone. There really shouldn't be multiple names for the same room. It gets confusing. Consistency is really important, especially for newer viewers."

It's a sentiment that popular Siege content creator "BikiniBodhi" could get behind, "please do rename the callout," wrote Bodhi.

"'I’m hardbreaching kids' is just wrong."

Fellow caster, Geo "Geo" Collins, also felt that a change was the right thing to do, suggesting that: "‘He’s entering kids’" is just the worst sentence to say on broadcast."

Mackay Parker Geo Collins Kids DormitoryGeo casting Kid's Dormitory was the "worst". (Picture: Geo Collins)

In the replies, suggestions were made to what Kid's Dormitory could be officially changed to including Pengu stating that changing "kids" to "dorms" and calling what is now dorms to "hobo", a callout used in the pro scene, as just one example to untangle casters from this linguistic nightmare.

Rainbow Six: Siege esports is approaching the pinnacle of its competitive season with the Six Invitational 2021 set to kick off in Paris, France on the 9th February.

Featuring 19 teams and up to $3m in prizing, it will be the first in-person event since the Pandemic started.


Feature image courtesy of DreamHack