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What is the Quick Draw Club in Red Dead Online?

A new reward system is in place in Red Dead Online.
What is the Quick Draw Club in Red Dead Online?

The newest content update for Red Dead Online, Blood Money, is now out for all systems. Players have been anxiously awaiting this update for some time, as it breathes some life back into a game that has been somewhat neglected by Rockstar Games. Blood Money introduces brand new items, quests and opportunities for players to cause some mayhem in the wild west.

One of the new features in the game is the Quick Draw Club, which sort of replaces an old feature. The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Pass was previously the only stream of content that players could unlock for simply playing Red Dead Online. However, included with the Blood Money update, the Quick Draw Club rectifies that and introduces a brand new stream of content into Red Dead Online. 

The Quick Draw Club in Red Dead Online

Quick Draw club red dead redemption 2 online
The Quick Draw Club is a way to earn new rewards in Red Dead Online. (Picture: Rockstar)

Essentially, the Quick Draw Club is another way for players to earn rewards and gold for playing Red Dead Online. The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Passes are still available in the game but the Quick Draw Club is more condensed, being only 25 tiers, and costs less as well. For the price of 25 gold bars, players can have access to a plethora of rewards. Also, if you complete the Quick Draw Club Pass, you earn back the 25 gold bars you spent to acquire it. 

To access the Quick Draw Club, all you need to do is open your catalogue and navigate to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Pass tab. From here, find the new tab marked Quick Draw Club, follow the payment options and then you’ll have full access to the rewards. 

Included in the Pass are items such as a replica of Dutch’s outfit, 40 Capitale, which is Red Dead Online’s new currency, boosted role XP and more. The Quick Draw Club ends on 9th August, so players have less than a month to unlock all 25 tiers.