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Rockstar Says Red Dead Online Will Receive "Experience Improvements"

In a July 2022 newswire update, Rockstar revealed Red Dead Online will receive basic "experience improvements" while the company focuses on GTA.
Rockstar Says Red Dead Online Will Receive "Experience Improvements"

News for fans of Rockstar's Red Dead Online is often scarce, as Rockstar turns its attention toward the GTA Online community. This month, though, both games were mentioned in Rockstar's newswire, and the developer had some interesting updates to provide.

According to the release, it seems that Rockstar will focus on the Grand Theft Auto franchise, while no longer providing content updates to Red Dead Online. This is certainly disappointing news for fans of the latter game, but the news does come with a pretty big silver lining.

Here's everything you need to know about the changes in Rockstar's focus announced in the July 2022 newswire update.

Red Dead Online July 2022 Newswire Update

Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online will no longer receive content updates in the near future. (Picture: Rockstar)

According to the newswire, Rockstar will no longer provide "major themed content updates" to Red Dead Online in the foreseeable future. Many fans saw this news coming, with Rockstar rarely providing updates of any kind to Red Dead Online save for monthly bonuses and discounts.

"Alongside seasonal special events and experience improvements — plus other changes to enhance and maintain a healthy Red Dead Online environment — we plan to build upon existing modes and add new Telegram Missions this year, rather than delivering major themed content updates like in previous years," the developers explained in the newswire.

"We will continue to highlight and share the creative efforts of our Red Dead community at every opportunity via the Newswire and beyond," they added.

Red Dead Online monthly content
Red Dead Online won't receive major content updates, but the monthly bonuses aren't going anywhere. (Picture: Rockstar)

In other words, it seems like Rockstar will focus on adding updates to features already in the game, and the developers will add some new Telegram Missions. The game is notorious for being buggy, so perhaps this will give Rockstar time to iron out the issues.

Though many fans were disappointed with the update, it was an expected one; many were just glad to hear any news about the game after a long lack of updates.

"Although it's not the news fans wanted, I'm glad Rockstar gave the community an indication about the future of Red Dead Online and what (not) to expect," wrote RedDeadRDC on Twitter. "The Red Dead Online community is without a doubt the most passionate, friendly & creative community there is."

Red Dead Online Twitter
Fans discussed the update on Twitter.

On the bright side, Rockstar says that the game's monthly bonuses, which often include discounts, free items, and unique challenges, will continue in the future.

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Featured image courtesy of Rockstar.