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Where to find Guido Martelli in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s newest big boss on the block.
Where to find Guido Martelli in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online released a brand new content update earlier today, named Blood Money, and players are naturally trying to get started with it as soon as possible. The update provides players the opportunity to commit more crimes, earn more money and become even more of an outlaw in the wild west. 

To get started with the Blood Money questline, and start committing crimes in its name, players need to talk with a man named Guido Martelli. He’s the person that gets you on the right track with Blood Money and also allows you to start collecting Capitale, the game’s newest currency. 

To find Guido Martelli and begin the Blood Money Crimes, keep reading below. 

Finding Guido Martelli in Red Dead Online

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(Picture: Rockstar)

Once players have downloaded the content update in Red Dead Online, they can immediately jump into Blood Money by heading to Saint Denis. There will be a new yellow icon marked Blood Money in the Saint Denis Garden, which is where you need to go once in the coastal town. 

After you’ve made your way to the garden, a cutscene will play out that involves Guido Martelli, who you’ll soon discover is chasing one thing: Capitale. He’ll task you with various missions, Blood Money Crimes, that have Capitale as the central reward. The more missions you go on, the more Martelli trusts you and tasks you with even bigger missions that involve more Capitale. 

Every time you complete a crime for Martelli, you’ll receive Capitale of your own that you can spend on in-game items. Currency has been a rarity in the past in Red Dead Online, so make as much of it as you can.