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How to earn Capitale in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s newest currency is sure to make players perform some crazy actions in the wild west.
How to earn Capitale in Red Dead Online

The Blood Money update for Red Dead Online is now fully released to all platforms and players can start partaking in the shenanigans Rockstar has in store. Blood Money is a new questline that players can pick up and once they do, a new world of possibilities and opportunities opens up. 

At the centre of the Bloody Money update is a new currency, Capitale. This currency is how players will purchase items that were introduced in the update. To start collecting Capitale, players need to speak with Guido Martelli in Saint-Denis. Once they do, they can begin their hunt for Capitale across the map.

Guido Martelli Capitale Red Dead Online
Guido Martelli is the main man to speak to about Capitale. (Picture: Rockstar)

There are a few ways to start earning the currency, which you can see below. 

Earning Capitale in Red Dead Online 

Blood Money is Red Dead Online’s newest content update. (Picture: Rockstar)
Blood Money Red Dead Online

Once players have spoken with Martelli, some activities will pop up on the map. These activities, known as Blood Money Crimes, are similar to the Stranger quests from the main game. You can navigate to the various icons on the map and talk to the NPC that’s located in that area. 

This is the first and probably the easiest way of earning Capitale. All you need to do is complete the objective handed out by the stranger and you’ll be rewarded with some of the currency. Be warned, though, the objectives can get a little messy and are on a timer. 

The next way to earn Capitale is by stealing it like a true outlaw. During Free Roam, players can steal Capitale from various spots around the map, including farmhouses, camps and other locations that have seen human interaction. The Capitale could be anywhere, so you’ll need to search around for the stashes. 

The last way to earn Red Dead Online’s newest currency is by looting bodies. During Blood Money Crime missions, players will stumble upon a large number of enemies that they’ll need to kill. After the crime spree is over, you can then walk up to each deceased body, loot them and hope they have Capitale on them. While you might be on a timed schedule, it’s worth it to spend a few seconds looting bodies. 

Those are the three best ways to start earning Capitale in Red Dead Online.