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Where to find Jeb Phelps in Red Dead Online

Blood Money has introduced a new character in Red Dead Online. Find out here the location of Jeb Phelps in Red Dead Online.
Where to find Jeb Phelps in Red Dead Online

One of the best parts about the new Blood Money update in Red Dead Online is the inclusion of Blood Money Missions.

These are missions that see players complete a wide variety of tasks to finish a contract and earn some much-needed Capitale for their new boss, Guido Martelli. There is a huge array of contracts available in Blood Money but one of the most challenging is for Jeb Phelps. 

Phelps is the centre of his own contract in Red Dead Online. His mission is causing players some major trouble thanks to his location being extremely vague. Players know they need to find him in Annesburg to complete the contract in part three but some have no idea where he's located inside of the town.

Jeb Phelps location in Annesburg

red dead online Blood Money Jeb Phelps location
(Picture: Rockstar)

Part three of the Jeb Phelps contract brings you to Annesburg, where you’ll get a mission prompt to “search the area for Jeb Phelps.”

The only logical action many players have taken is going into each separate building and searching for him inside. However, this is tedious and will take a long time if you don’t get lucky and pick the right building. 

Instead, you can follow our advice and search inside the blue/grey building with the bright green door. This house is right near the large red bridge building in the centre of town. It has a single window on its roof and should be easy to find by its green door.

Once you have found the house, there you will need to head around to the back door to enter, as the front door is locked. After entering, a cutscene will play with Jeb Phelps and the contract with him will continue. You won’t need much to do after meeting with Phelps, so your Capitale is just around the corner.