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Redfall Jacob Build: Best Skills, Abilities, and More

Here's how to craft the best Jacob build in Redfall.
Redfall Jacob Build: Best Skills, Abilities, and More

Jacob is one of the four playable characters in Redfall. Unlike Layla, he's more suited to someone who prefers Dishonored's methodical gameplay style.

If you prefer stealthy and ranged combat, Jacob is a great choice. You can find our best Jacob build guide in Redfall below that briefly explains all his abilities, the best skills you should unlock, and more. 

Redfall Jacob: All Abilities Explained

jacob ability
Jacob's cloak ability makes him temporarily invisible. (Picture: Arkane)

Before we get into Jacob's best skills, here's an overview of all his abilities: 

  • Power 1 - Raven: Summons a talking Raven that marks nearby enemy targets. 
  • Power 2 - Cloak: Makes Jacob temporarily invisible. 
  • ULT - Heartstopper: Summon a ghostly sniper that auto-headshots enemies in the vicinity. 

Jacob's Best Early Skills to Unlock in Redfall 

Early Bird: Raven recharges faster.

Battery Efficiency: Cloak lasts longer.

Sharpshooter: Jacob deals extra headshot damage against humans.

Vicious Strike: Attacks made when cloaked deal additional damage.

Every character's cooldown rate of abilities is pretty bad in Redfall, and since Jacob relies on his raven and cloak, it's best to increase the cooldown rate of those abilities first by unlocking the Early Bird and Battery Efficiency skills. 

Jacob is the sniper expert, and the Sharpshooter skill lets him deal bonus headshot damage. You can also synergize this skill with a few weapon perks to deal even more headshot damage. 

Vampires are the biggest threat in Redfall, and sometimes you will encounter groups of them in the most random places. With Jacob being a ranged character and all, you will be relying a lot on your Cloak ability to survive. This is where Vicious Strike comes in. It will let you be invisible and deal damage, which will especially come in handy when dealing with vampires.

Jacob's Best Late-Game Skills to Unlock in Redfall

jacob best skills
Jacob has some of the best skills among all characters in Redfall. (Picture: Shreyansh / Arkane)

Killer Corvus: The raven flies faster and farther and can now damage enemies it touches, chaining from one enemy to the next. The raven can also destroy vulnerable vampires.

Battery Recharge: Cloak regenerates faster.

Hidden Strike: Jacob can attack without Cloak ending, but each attack shortens the cloak duration.

Perfect Ghost: All enemies looking in Jacob’s direction become marked. Jacob does more damage while cloaked and can attack more often before cloak deactivates. Cloak’s duration, recharge rate, and damage resistance are also increased.

And You're to Blame: Heartstopper can now hit marked enemies through walls. Heartstopper’s duration and damage are increased and the amount of healing Jacob receives is also improved.

Shot in the Arm II: When you revive a teammate, they have even more health.

Killer Corvus skill will allow your raven companion to deal damage to enemies and kill vulnerable vampires. It's a great skill to use when swarmed by both human enemies and vampires.

An upgrade to Vicious Strike, Hidden Strike, will let you rain down multiple attacks on enemies while keeping you invisible. It's a great addition for clearing vampires in Vampire Nest and other late-game activities. 

And You're to Blame lets you hit enemies through walls when the Heartstopper ability is active. While it's not great for human enemies, you will have an advantage over vampire enemies who keep traversing between rooms and corridors. 

If you play as Jacob in co-op with someone like Layla or Devinder, both of which have abilities and skill sets that encourage them to be in the center of the battlefield, chances are that they are going to die a ton. As such, it's best to be prepared and get the Shot in the Arm II upgrade which lets you revive allies with increased health.

These are some of the skills you should unlock for the best Jacob build in Redfall.