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Redfall Multiplayer: How Does Co-Op Work

Here is our guide on how you can get into Co-op mode for Redfall.
Redfall Multiplayer: How Does Co-Op Work

With Redfall now available, there are plenty of people that are jumping into the game excited about Arkane Studios' next big game. Although some of the reviews out there have not been the best for the game, there is still a lot of buzz for this particular title on the internet. One of the main reasons why people were excited about this game is due to the co-op mode.

Arkane Studios is known for making mostly single-player games that are very story heavy and unique. Because of that, Redfall having a co-op mode is very exciting for those who are fans of Arkane Studios. With that in mind, it is important for those who are interested in Redfall to understand how co-op works. Here is how to get started on co-op in Redfall.

How To Start Co-Op Multiplayer In Redfall

Redfall Co-op
There are plenty of challenges that players can face together in Redfall. (Picture: Arkane Studios)

Co-op mode in Redfall is only available for those who are on your friend list. So make sure that you have those who you want to play with added to your list because there is no random matchmaking in this title. With that in mind, make sure that you and your friends have each other added to your Bethesda Account ID.

Once you do that, all interested players will need to be on the main menu. One player will be the host while the other joins. The host will select "Host Game" on the main menu. Then from there, the host can invite friends to join their session. Then the interested friends will accept the invites and then everyone should be ready to go play co-op mode in Redfall.

Will All Players Get Story Progression From Co-Op In Redfall?

Redfall Co-op
Co-op in Redfall has a pretty common progression system for all players. (Picture: Arkane Studios)

Although you are now ready to play Redfall with your friends, there are a couple of things interested players need to be aware of. First of all, only the host will get the story progression with a co-op mode in Redfall. That means that if you joined a host, you will not get any story progression when you return back to single-player.

Although that is the case, all players will be able to keep their weapons in co-op mode. That means that players can end up having very powerful weapons at the beginning of the game thanks to co-op mode. Players should also be aware that playing co-op mode will scale to the host. So a player who just started should probably not join a session with a player who is 15 hours in the game.