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Resident Evil 8 Village: How to get Maestro's Collection treasure

Here's a solution for Maestro's Collection treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village, including where to find a key for Luthier’s house, what's the code for the cabinet, and more.
Resident Evil 8 Village: How to get Maestro's Collection treasure

The Duke in Resident Evil 8 Village is your resident merchant of the game and he likes to send you on a treasure hunt.

Once you meet him, he will mark several secret treasure locations scattered across the map, waiting for you to find them and grab the goodies they hide.

And although you have them marked on the map, it will not be as easy as simply walking to the location and taking the items, for each of them you will need to solve a small puzzle.

And while most of them are not that hard to obtain, some will require you to find additional items that will help you get access to the treasure.

That's exactly the case with Maestro's Collection treasure.

Resident Evil 8 Village: Where to find a key for Luthier’s house

RE8 Luthier's key location where to find
(Picture: Capcom)

Finding Maestro's Collection location is rather easy, you will be able to find it quite early in the game.

But of course, you won't be able to access it, as it will be locked. Although it is a dilapidated and abandoned house, someone could easily break in, but ok, I guess we need a key because we are polite thieves.

In order to get inside Luthier’s house, you will first need to find Luthier’s key.

RE8 Luthier's key location where to find
(Picture: Capcom)

For that, you will first need to complete the whole House Beneviento storyline, and get the Legs Flask.

You can pick the key on your way back from House Beneviento, you will find it in of the two objects in the garden area.

Luthier's key re8 location
(Picture: Capcom)

Once you pick the key, just head straight back to Luthier’s house and open the main door with the key.

Luthier’s house lock code: How to open

Once you are finally inside, you will find a locked wooden cabinet that requires a password/code in order to be opened.

Luthier's House code to unlock
(Picture: Capcom)

I reckon you have already guessed the code. It is a date that can be found written on a kid's drawing in the kitchen, and it is 270917.

Use it to unlock the cabinet, and you will find the Steel Hræsvelgr and 10,000 Lei. Grab to loot and get out.

Luthier's House code unlocking
(Picture: Capcom)

As with all other treasures in the game, your only option is to sell it to Duke and take the reward, so once you have it, head back to him and make the trade.

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