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Resident Evil Village
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Resident Evil 8 Village: How to get to Riverbank Treasure House

If you are having troubles finding the Riverbank treasure house in Resident Evil 8 Village, check out this guide which will help you solve the puzzle, including how to get there and how to solve the puzzle with the torches.

If you want to be really fast, you can probably finish the whole main story of Resident Evil 8 Village in just a couple of hours.

But that would be such a shame, as the game offers a lot of side puzzles and interesting secrets for you to uncover all around the village, castle, and the surrounding area.

There are a lot of optional missions and mini-games for players to find and solve, which will reward you with unique items, new story elements, achievements and trophies.

Duke, the game's merchant, is the character that will give you a set of interesting tasks to solve. He will mark you the locations of several treasures scattered across the map.

Each treasure hides a unique item, and the Duke wants to have all of them. If you help him, he will reward you with a heavy bag of money for each of the items you bring him back. 

Some of these items are quite easy to find and obtain, but for some, you will go on a true adventure, like you are in a Tomb Raider game! That's the case with the Riverbank treasure house puzzle.

How to get to Riverbank Treasure House

Resident Evil 8 Village How to get to Riverbank Treasure House
(Picture: Capcom)

You won't be able to do this before you finish the part of the main story in the Moreau area.

There you will get the Crank, one of the story items which will stay with you even after you used it for the main story.

For the Riverbank Treasure House puzzle, you will need to use the Crank in order to get across the drawbridge.

Use the crank on the drawbridge, lower the bridge and get to the other side. Just below the bridge, you will see a small wooden boat.

Resident Evil 8 Village How to get to Riverbank Treasure House
(Picture: Capcom)

Enter the boat and take it upriver to the location of the Riverbank Treasure House. Once you are there, just dock it and enter the house.

Solution how to solve Riverbank Treasure House puzzle 

When you enter the Riverbank Treasure House, just go straight until you open a heavy door and find yourself in a room with a burning brazier in the middle.

There are three closed doors on each side and in order to unlock them, you will need to set torches on fire.

RE8 Solution how to solve Riverbank Treasure House puzzle 
(Picture: Capcom)

For the doors on the left and on the right, shoot the brazier so that it swings towards torches and set them on fire.

Both doors will open and the enemy will appear from the room on the right. You will need to shoot the brazier again, but this time it needs to hit the enemy and set it on fire.

RE8 Solution how to solve Riverbank Treasure House puzzle 
(Picture: Capcom)

Once the enemy is burning, just lure it near the third torch (in the third room direct opposite from where you came), and let the enemy set it on fire, then finish the monster off.

Now when all the rooms are opened, collect all the loot, including the Golden Lady Statue, and head back to Duke to sell him the statue.

As with all other treasures in the game, your only option is to sell it to Duke and take the reward, so once you have it, head back to him and make the trade.

Additionally, if you take the boat downstream from the bridge, you can get to the area where you can find the finest fish to cook into one of the Resident Evil Village recipes.

Thanks for reading and for everything Resident Evil Village, check out our dedicated section filled with guides, news and more.