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Resident Evil Village: How long is the story campaign?

Here's how long it should take you to beat the story campaign of Resident Evil Village, taking a variety of factors into consideration.
Resident Evil Village: How long is the story campaign?

As the eighth mainline entry in Capcom's iconic survival horror franchise, Resident Evil Village will see players jump into the boots of Ethan Winters, the protagonist from Resident Evil 7. The length of Resident Evil games is generally a topic of discussion in the community, as some believe a few mainline entries are too short, while on the flip side, games like Resident Evil 6 dragged on way too long. Since reviews for Resident Evil Village are now out, we know how long the game's story campaign will last.

How long is Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village allows for some open exploration, and the story is quite well-paced according to reviews. There's also the matter of difficulty, and while it is not too straining on normal difficulty, picking a higher difficulty option should increase your playtime.

With this in mind, according to data from several reviews, Resident Evil Village is roughly between 12 and 16 hours long. 

how long is resident evil village campaign story length(Picture: Capcom)

For those who plan on exploring a bit more or maybe just die several times, Resident Evil Village's story campaign should last anywhere between 12 and 16 hours.

This puts Resident Evil Village's story length higher than Resident Evil 7. Keep in mind the in-game timer also doesn't count cutscenes and deaths, so your actual time playing Resident Evil Village could go up to 20 hours.

It is important to note that this story campaign length is based on the default difficulty, and increasing the difficulty should increase your time spent trying to complete the game. There are reports of the game taking less than 10 hours to complete but that's generally by ignoring most side-content.

In the end, it all depends on player skill and exploration. However, you can at least expect a dozen hours out of Resident Evil Village. Then, there's also the New Game+ mode to replay the campaign with all your unlocks and weapons, as well as the Mercenaries mode to enjoy.

If you are a PC gamer, don't forget to check out the system requirements to learn if your gaming rig will allow you into the village...