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How To Get Anime Spirits SSj 100 Spec

Unleash the power of a Super Saiyan as we show you how to unlock the SSJ 100 Spec and explore its abilities in Roblox's Anime Spirits.
How To Get Anime Spirits SSj 100 Spec

There are plenty of ways to defend yourself and attack your enemies in Roblox's Anime Spirits, including weapons, Souls, Fighting styles, and, of course, Specializations (or Specs). One of the newest specs you can acquire is the SSJ 100 Spec, inspired by the powerful race of Super Saiyans from the Dragon Ball universe.

If you're curious to learn more about this spec and how to obtain it, you're in the right place. Below, we will showcase all the abilities of the SSJ 100 Spec and explain how you can unlock it in Roblox's Anime Spirits.

Anime Spirits SSJ 100 Specialization Abilities

Similar to all other Specializations in the game, the SSJ 100 spec provides you with a unique offensive ability and a passive buff that enhances your character when equipped. The SSJ 100 grants you a potent offensive attack where you charge up and unleash a massive ball of yellow explosive energy, dealing substantial damage to anyone caught in its path.

Anime Spirits SSJ 100 Spec Abilities
The SSJ 100 Spec gives you a massive AoE Explosion attack as well as a 135% damage buff. (Picture: YouTube / MrOtay)

The passive buff it provides is a 135% damage increase, significantly boosting the attack power of your other abilities. This enhancement is particularly valuable if you're already using a powerful build. It's crucial to understand that the effectiveness of your Specialization, including SSJ 100, scales with your Soul stat level. Therefore, the higher your Soul stat, the more formidable your SSJ 100 attack becomes.

How To Unlock SSJ 100 Specialization

Obtaining the SSJ Specialization in Anime Spirits is relatively straightforward, though it comes with a cost and requires some dungeon grinding. However, we believe it's well worth the effort. To begin, you must reach level 1500 and accumulate 30 million Gold, along with acquiring 5 True Saiyan Essence to unlock it.

Anime Spirits SSJ 100 Spec How To Get
To get the SSJ 100 Spec you need to give the SSJ 100 trainer 30M Gold, 5 True Saiyan Essence, and be level 1500. (Picture: Roblox)

Once you've achieved the required level, head to the West City of First Sea where you'll locate the SSJ 100/Gear 6 dungeon. Grinding in this dungeon will yield the 5 True Saiyan Essence at a random drop rate. Additionally, while grinding for these essences, you'll likely amass a significant amount of Gold, providing dual benefits.

Once you have the 5 True Saiyan Essence, the necessary Gold, and meet the level requirement, simply cross the road to find the SSJ 100 Trainer. They will unlock the SSJ 100 Spec for you to utilize in battle. From there, you're fully equipped to wield the power of this impressive Spec in all your future encounters in Roblox's Anime Spirits.