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Clover Retribution Races Tier List (Every Race Ranked)

Need help finding the best race in Clover Retribution. Just check out our races tier list!
Clover Retribution Races Tier List (Every Race Ranked)

Looking for the best race in Clover Retribution? You're in the right spot. With more than a dozen options, it's natural you want to know how to optimize the strength of your character. That's because races offer specific stats and traits that can impact your effectiveness in combat.

For example, some races make your character more durable, while others offer greater resistance to certain types of magic. And that's where I come in. This guide will rank every race in Clover Retribution, saving you the headache of doing all the guesswork. Let's get started.

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What Is The Best Race In Clover Retribution?

Primordial Human is the best race in Clover Retribution. While it might not be available by the time you read this, it still offers some of the best stats. The buffs include +10 Constitution, +20 Strength, +20 Dexterity, +15% HP, and + 2 Speed. It's also a Mythic race, which means it has a 0.15% chance to roll (yikes!).

Looking for the next best race in Clover Retribution? No problem. If you're stuck with a cruddy race, you should definitely try rolling for Starburst. It offers +5 Intelligence, +5 Constitution, +20% Mana, and +50% Magic Resistance.

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Clover Retribution Races Tier List: Every Race Ranked From Best To Worst

The table below ranks every race in Clover Retribution. To obtain a specific race, you must roll it—however, note that there is no guarantee you will get the one you want. Instead, your race will be determined randomly based on the rarity—those that are harder to get will obviously be more powerful than common races.

Apart from the Human Race (which gives you jack sh*t), each race in Clover Retribution will also give you a set of buffs or traits (e.g., bonus Dexterity, Mana, Damage, etc.) to boost your character's power. However, you'll just need to be extremely lucky to roll the best ones.

Tier Race and Rarity
S-Tier (excellent) Primordial Human (unreleased), Starborn, Dreadscale, Legendary Kynthari, Ryomen, and Mahari (all 0.15% chance)
A-Tier (good) Sylvan (0.23% chance), Siphonite (0.15% chance), Lynthari (0.23% chance), High Orc (0.23% chance), Dark Elf (0.23% chance), High Elf (0.23% chance), and Hybrid Elf (3% chance)
B-Tier (average) Beast, Orc, and Goblin (all 10% chance)
C-Tier (kinda bad) Dwarf (41% chance)
D-Tier (terrible) Human (46% chance)

Editor's Comment: Please note that this tier list is based on the author's opinions. As such, these rankings might differ wildly based on your personal play style, skill level, and preference. Are you not convinced by these ratings? Drop me a message chad.kemp@ginx.tv with a description of what I should change.

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