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How To Get Max Haki In Demon Piece

Want to get max level Haki in Demon Piece super fast? Look no further than this guide!
How To Get Max Haki In Demon Piece
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Want to know how to max your Haki in Demon Piece? No problem. After coughing up quite a bit of Beli to get Armament Haki and Observation Haki, it's only sensible that you'll want to unlock both of these powers' full abilities. Luckily, there are a few easy methods to maximize their effectiveness.

This guide will explain how to level up Haki quickly in Demon Piece. Before you begin, make sure you've read our previous guides on unlocking Armament and Observation Haki—we also have a detailed guide for obtaining Geppo and Soru! With that out the way, let's begin!

How To Level Up Haki Fast In Demon Piece

To level up your Haki in Demon Piece, you need to earn XP by killing NPCs and bosses. In the sections below, we will explain the most effective methods of doing this in detail. However, there likely are other ways that we don't know of yet. If you know of any, please let me know!

Activating Demon Piece Codes

By activating Demon Piece codes, you can often benefit from boosted XP for a short duration. Luckily, we've got a dedicated page listing all the latest working codes for you! There are loads of other rewards too, including Stat Point Resets, Drops, 2X Mastery, and free Beli to redeem!

Use The Tremor Fruit

The next method involves purchasing the Tremor Fruit (Legendary) from the endgame Fruit Seller and using its V-move "Tsunami" on Sandora, Skypiea, or Baratie. This is the fastest method to gain a lot of XP to level up both Armament and Observation Hakis in Demon Piece.

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Kill Bosses On Windmill Village

The third method is to go to Windmill Village and grind XP for your Haki in Demon Piece by slaying the bosses on the island. This is more effective than the other zones due to the sheer volume (and the respawn rate) of the enemies here. You can boost your progress even more by consuming a Fruit.

Kill NPCs With Logia In Sandora

The final method to get max level Haki fast in Demon Piece is to obtain a Logia Fruit. This Fruit lets you transform into any element of nature, like sand, smoke, or lightning. By using Logia on Sandora, the lower-level NPCs there won't attack you, allowing you to kill them and grind Haki XP without taking damage.

Pro Tip: You can speed up the grind by using an auto-clicker to spam your moves on the enemies as they respawn around you. This way, you can avoid the tedious need to sit around and click enemies for hours.

And that's all. By using these tips, you can realistically expect to reach max level Armament and Observation Haki in Demon Piece within a few hours. Sadly, there's no shortcut method; you just have to be ultra-efficient to reach Level 5 quickly. Good luck!