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What Is A-90 Entity In Roblox Doors? - How To Beat It

A-90 is the most hated entity in Roblox Doors. Here's how to beat it while navigating The Rooms in the Hotel+ update.
What Is A-90 Entity In Roblox Doors? - How To Beat It

With the Hotel+ update, many players have encountered several frightening new entities, such as A-60, A-120, and the feared A-90 in Roblox Doors. And while it's clear that some of these entities can be evaded easily, others present a significant challenge to overcome. That said, it comes as no surprise that players are seeking tips on how to beat A-90 in Roblox Doors.

So as you navigate the shadowy halls of "The Rooms" and confront the eerie trials within, A-90 lurks, ready to instill terror in your heart. But fear not, courageous players! We've put together the ultimate guide to help you conquer A-90 and claim victory in Roblox Doors. So without further ado, here's everything you need to know to beat it.

What Is A90 In Roblox Doors? - Why Is It So Scary?

A-90 is one of the many entities players will encounter in The Rooms, a special section within Roblox Doors consisting of a thousand office-like rooms filled with various challenges and scares. The Rooms can only be accessed through a secret door, and as players progress, the rooms become darker, making the experience even more intense. A90 will appear in or around Room 90 but can also randomly spawn in other parts of The Rooms, even if other entities are chasing you.

how to beat a90 doors the rooms
A-90 is a frightening entity in Roblox Doors, best known for its jump scares. (Picture: Roblox).

The A-90 entity in Roblox Doors appears as a black-and-white, heavily pixelated face with black eyes and an open mouth. Its color shifts to red as it approaches you, and a loud, distorted sound fills the air. This sudden change in appearance and sound creates an unsettling atmosphere that keeps players on edge. However, what makes A-90 truly scary is the element of surprise; the entity can jumpscare you at any moment, catching you off guard and heightening the tension in the game.

How To Beat A90 In Roblox Doors

When A-90 is nearby in Roblox Doors, you'll know it's approaching by its face appearing at the center of the screen, warning you of its presence. Additionally, a stop sign will be displayed. As soon as you see these signs, you must stop moving immediately - this includes both your character and camera. Failing to do so will result in A-90 damaging you for 90% of your HP. This means that two hits will instantly kill you.

In a nutshell, it means that you must pay attention and have fast reactions to stop moving. It's worth mentioning that attempting to press E to enter a locker while A-90 is on your screen will still cause you to take damage. Also, if A-90 spawns while A-60 or A-120 are attacking, A-60's movements will slow down, while A-120's attack will be temporarily paused during A-90's assault.

It is recommended that you use the normal flashlight if you encounter A90 because using the green flashlight might have you accidentally move your camera while clicking, resulting in you taking damage. That said, playing The Rooms alone might be best to avoid distractions from friends. A-90 is unique because it is the only entity with a jumpscare, which is why many players dread it. However, it is perhaps the easiest entity to beat, provided you're paying attention.

And that's everything you need to know about A-90 in Roblox Doors, including what it is and how to beat it. Upon reaching room A-1000, players will earn the coveted A-1000 achievement. In addition to this accomplishment, players can unlock night vision in Roblox Doors