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How To Unlock Night Vision In Roblox Doors (Secret Scanner)

Learn how to unlock the coveted Scanner utility tool and get Night Vision in Roblox Doors.
How To Unlock Night Vision In Roblox Doors (Secret Scanner)

Are you tired of stumbling around in the dark while playing the new Hotel+ update of Roblox Doors? Fear not! Following the latest patch, players can get their hands on a highly coveted new item: the Scanner. With its unique night vision feature, the Scanner provides the ultimate advantage to evade the many entities roaming about in Roblox Doors.

If you're wondering how to unlock night vision in Roblox Doors, you've come to the right place. Imagine navigating the hotel's creepy corridors easily, leaving those dangerous entities in the dust. So, here's everything to know about unlocking this new Scanner tool and getting night vision in Roblox Doors!

How To Get Secret Night Vision Scanner In Roblox Doors

door a-1000 roblox doors night vision
You will get Night Vision after unlocking the Scanner item in A-1000 of Roblox Doors. (Picture: YouTube / Neatzo)

In short, you will find the Scanner on a wooden bridge in Room A-1000 of Roblox Doors, but getting there is no easy feat. This room is hidden behind a secret area around Door 60 called "The Rooms." The entrance to this area can be found after walking down a narrow pathway to a dark room with a leaning bookshelf. Once there, you'll need to unblock a gate by finding the lever switch in the basement.

Then, you must unlock the door using 2x Lockpicks and 1x Skeleton Key. Once the door is opened, you'll need to do your best not to die to the entities as you attempt to reach room A-1000 of "The Rooms" in Roblox Doors. We explained how to do this effectively in a previous guide, which you can read in your own time. After successfully reaching Door A-1000, you'll be rewarded with the Scanner.

What Does The Scanner Do In Roblox Doors?

what does the scanner do in roblox doors
The Scanner will give you Night Vision and X-ray functions in Roblox Doors. (Picture: YouTube / Neatzo)

Unsurprisingly, the Scanner will prove to be extremely useful to you in Roblox Doors. The item can be toggled on or off to enable NightVision by pressing the Mouse1 button when it is equipped. It also has an X-ray function that highlights Progression items, including Room Keys, Switches, Library Books, the Electrical Room Key, and Breaker Switches, through walls with a star.

Unfortunately, the Scanner does not reveal Lighters, Lockpicks, Vitamins, or Crucifixes in the game and will drop upon death. However, you can retrieve it if you use a Revive. And that's everything you need to know about how to unlock night vision in Roblox Doors.