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What Is A-120 Entity In Roblox Doors? - How To Beat It

A-120 is one of the scary entities in Roblox Doors. Here's how to beat it as you find your way through The Rooms in the Hotel+ update.
What Is A-120 Entity In Roblox Doors? - How To Beat It

Roblox Doors' latest Hotel+ update has sparked new excitement and interest among fans, introducing a range of new scary entities from which players need to escape. In addition, the new update also features a new secret mini-game called "The Rooms," in which players can attempt to earn the coveted A-1000 achievement badge and unlock night vision in Roblox Doors.

However, several dangerous entities guard the path, including the dreaded A-120, whose purpose is solely to instill fear in anyone who encounters it. To make matters worse, it is impervious to Crucifix, so how can you defeat it? This guide will detail everything about A-120 in Roblox Doors, including what makes it so scary and how to beat it in The Rooms.

What is A-120 in Roblox Doors? - Why is it so scary?

But before we explain how to beat A-120 in Roblox Doors, let's first discuss what it is and what makes it so scary. A-120 is an AI-controlled entity taking on the appearance of a 2D pixelated smiley face, which appears as a static image in The Rooms. It is similar to A-60 in many ways and spawns directly after you enter Door A-120, emerging from in front of you. You'll know when A-120 is close because you'll hear metallic thumping sounds, which increase in volume as it approaches you.

how to beat a-120 doors roblox
A-120 spawns randomly in the room ahead of the last opened room. (Picture: YouTube / Premiumsalad)

A-120 in Roblox Doors is considered one of the scariest entities in the game due to its unpredictable behavior and ability to stalk players. A-120 in Roblox Doors is constantly on the hunt for players, making it a constant source of tension and fear. In addition, it can also rebound, ambushing you from behind when you least expect it. The sound design and visual effects associated with A-120 also add to its terror, making it a truly spine-chilling experience for players.

How to beat A-120 in Roblox Doors?

Defeating A-120 is not easy, requiring players to be quick-witted and strategic in their movements in Roblox Doors. The key to beating A-120 is to enable audio cues, so you know when it is approaching. Since you cannot kill this entity, your only option is to run and hide. Importantly, you cannot proceed to the next room until you have evaded it. As a result, the only way to beat A-120 in Roblox Doors is to retrace your steps and hide in a locker.

Tip: Although A-120 can spawn in any room (regardless if it has or does not have a locker), the previous room will always have a locker for you to hide in. You'll have roughly 10-15 seconds to hide.

how to beat a120 doors
You cannot die to any of the entities if you want to reach A-1000. (Picture: Roblox)

Players should also pay attention to their surroundings and look for any hidden passages or items that can help them escape. Lastly, be careful that you only leave the locker when you hear the thumping sounds stop completely, as A-120 can rebound and attack you. A-120 is a challenging and frightening entity, but players can beat it and escape the hotel with the right strategy and quick reflexes. And that's everything you need to know about A-120 in Roblox Doors, including what it is and how you can beat it.