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How To Reach A-1000 Secret Ending In Roblox Doors (Hotel+ Update)

Learn how to unlock the A-1000 badge by reaching the secret ending (Room 1000) in Roblox Doors' Hotel+ update.
How To Reach A-1000 Secret Ending In Roblox Doors (Hotel+ Update)

The latest Roblox Doors "Hotel+" update has had fans excited for some time now, with the long wait proving well worth it for horror fans. As such, the new patch features several new rooms and entities, with the scariness seemingly intensifying the longer the game progresses. Recently, fans have found a new secret ending in Roblox Door called "A-1000," which is hidden behind a locked secret area in the game.

That said, players will first need to reach the A-1000 secret ending in Roblox Doors, which is no easy feat. So, to help players achieve this goal, we've provided step-by-step instructions and tips on how to unlock and get to the A-1000 secret room in Roblox Doors safely. With a bit of practice, you should be able to reach this challenging end goal in no time and achieve one of the hardest badges in the game: A-1000 (plus a special item... no spoilers).

How To Reach A-1000 Secret Ending In Roblox Doors

First things first, you need to locate a secret area in the Roblox Doors Hotel+ update. The secret area can be located in a bookcase room around Door 60. If you haven't found it yet, look for a dark room with a leaning bookshelf; in this location, you will find a hole in the wall that leads to the secret area. Before entering the secret room, you will need to unlock the gate in the adjacent room by going into the basement and finding the lever switch. Once you are in the secret area, you can start your journey toward Room A-1000.

how to reach a1000 in roblox doors hotel update
You'll earn this A1000 status icon after reaching Room 1000 in Roblox Doors. (Picture: YouTube / DV Plays)

It's worth noting that you can sprint through the first 60 rooms in Roblox Doors without worrying about getting attacked. However, it is important to be aware of a handful of dangerous entities that will start appearing shortly thereafter. In particular, there are three entities that you should be mindful of: A60, A90, and A120. We've discussed A60 in a previous guide; it is the first dangerous entity that will start appearing once you reach Room 60 and is essentially a red version of Rush that spawns from the previous room you were in.

A90 typically appears after Room 90 and does non-lethal damage on the first hit. Beware that this entity will likely try to combo with A60 or A120; however, you will have enough time to hide -- this is your best strategy to ensure your survival. Finally, A120 is the final entity and will appear after Room 120. Please note that all three entities can kill you if you are hit again after they damage you, so it's important to be on the lookout for them and hide as soon as their heads pop up.

how to get to a1000 in roblox doors
A-1000 is located at the end of a dark passage in Doors. (Picture: YouTube / DV Plays)

Finally, Room A-1000 will be located at the end of the secret area in Roblox Doors. To get there, you must escape the rooms and avoid being killed by these dangerous entities. It is a challenging task, but with a bit of practice, you should be able to reach Room A1000 and earn the secret badge in about 3-5 hours (or less, if you're a beast). That said, be patient and give yourself enough time to work through all the rooms -- do not try to rush it.

After reaching A-1000 in Doors, you will find a special item, which you can learn more about here (it's pretty awesome--  you'll definitely want to check it out!)

We also suggest you stock up on Lockpicks and Skeleton Keys before you start venturing into the secret area, as you'll need them to enter the secret area. You can purchase the Lockpicks in the Pre-Run Shop for 50 Knobs and find them in containers. On the other hand, you can buy a Skeleton Key at Jeff's Shop in Room 52 for 250 Coins or find it on top of drawers and tables. You'll also need 10 Coins to purchase a rechargeable green flashlight, which will prove extremely useful during your run.

We want to thank the YouTube channel DV Plays for their walkthrough on how to reach the secret ending A-1000 in Roblox Doors. Please consider subscribing to their YouTube channel for more content. In addition, you can watch the complete walkthrough in the video embedded below if you want a visual explanation.