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GPO Soul King Location In Grand Piece Online

Find out how to find the Soul King spawn location in Grand Piece Online in this guide.
GPO Soul King Location In Grand Piece Online

Where is the Soul King location in Grand Piece Online? That's a good question! It's no secret that GPO has an expansive game world full of hidden secrets and challenging bosses. But the burning question many Roblox players want to know is where is Brook located?!

This guide will clear the air by explaining exactly how to find Soul King in GPO. By following these instructions, I'll save you the headache of having to painstakingly hunt down this special boss. So, let's get right into it!

Where Is The Soul King Location In Grand Piece Online?

You can find the Soul King at the Impel Down Base in the Second Sea of Grand Piece Online. To be more specific, you must go behind the base to the Underwater Prison. You will then quickly spot a ghost ship in the distance. His location is denoted by a pale green circle pulsing outwards from his ship.

Importantly, the Soul King only spawns twice daily (at 6 AM and 6 PM EST) for 30 minutes from Friday to Sunday. You will know he has spawned because the server message will read: "The Soul King performs once more. He will depart in 30 minutes..." So, you only have a limited time to find him.

soul king location gpo grand piece online
Soul King is located near Impel Down in the Second Sea of GPO.

What Are The Soul King Rewards In Grand Piece Online?

Regardless of whether he has been killed or not, the message "Soul King is departing" will appear in Grand Piece Online when he is supposed to despawn. So, you should beat him quickly if you want to snag the Soul King Tophat (5% chance), Outfit (1%), Violin (5%), and Soul Cane (1%) rewards.

There is also a chance that you will encounter the Soul King Rockstar in GPO, which is basically a special version of the regular boss. While he is neither harder nor easier to beat, he will drop different rewards, including the Soul King Guitar (1%), Shades (5%), Top Hat (5%), Rockstar Outfit (1%), Scarf (0.5%), and Soul Cane (1%).

And that's everything you need to know about how to find the Soul King location in GPO. As you can tell, he's not too hard to find. Remember that you only have about 30 minutes to reach his destination and beat him. Otherwise, you'll need to wait another 12 hours for him to respawn.

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