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How To Farm Modules & Levels In Roblox Kaizen

Modules are vital to leveling up your avatar in Roblox Kaizen. So here's the best method to farm levels in the game.
How To Farm Modules & Levels In Roblox Kaizen

Kaizen is a popular Roblox anime game based on Jujutsu Kaisen that keeps you entertained for hours, thanks to many features, enemies, items, and story quests. One of the many items you will encounter in the game is Modules; these are cubes containing three rarities of Swords: Common (blue), Rare (green), and Legendary (purple).

Modules are vital for increasing your avatar's overall power because it is central to leveling up your character in-game. As a result, farming Modules and gaining valuable EXP will allow you to take on stronger, higher-level enemies. This guide will explain how to quickly and easily farm Modules and level up your avatar in Roblox Kaizen.

How To Farm Modules Quickly In Roblox Kaizen

roblox kaizen farming levels modules
Fighting Bandits is a fast way to level up if you're below Level 50 in Roblox Kaizen. (Picture: YouTube / IAMAGOD)

There are two methods you can use to farm Modules in Roblox Kaizen. The first method involves defeating Bandits; the drop rate is the same regardless if you defeat Bandits from junior or senior high school. This is a good place to start if you’re still new to the game. However, it should be noted that the Bandits will need to be killed quickly to get more Modules.

The second method to farm Modules is by defeating high-level Bosses in Roblox Kaizen. These enemies will have a high drop rate for Modules, and you will earn plenty of EXP upon their defeat. Once you have the Modules, you will need to find and interact with Prof. Hitsuji, who will decode the Module for you.

roblox kaizen how to farm modules, what are modules prof hitsuji common rare legendary
Prof. Hitsuji will decode all your Modules in Roblox Kaizen. (Picture: YouTube / IAMAGOD)

As alluded to earlier, finding Modules and leveling up go hand in hand with Roblox Kaizen. Leveling up to Level 50 is one of the first steps you'll need to take. This can be accomplished by completing the story quest and defeating Bandits. To level up quickly, ensure you’re using any curses you may have. 

And that's all. We want to thank and credit YouTuber IAMAGOD for sharing all the details on how to farm Modules in Roblox Kaizen. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured images are courtesy of Roblox and YouTube / IAMAGOD.