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How To Enter Good vs. Evil World In Pet Simulator 99

Find out everything you need to know about the Good vs. Evil World in Pet Simulator 99.
How To Enter Good vs. Evil World In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to join the Good vs. Evil Event in Pet Simulator 99? Say no more. The new game update will have you confront your destiny and hatch new HUGE pets. Whether you embrace your heavenly or hellish side, this latest limited-time event is bound to be tons of fun.

But what's the event all about? And more importantly—where do you begin? This guide will explain everything about Good vs. Evil World in Pet Simulator 99. Learn about the different zones, quests, and pets you can hatch right here! Let's get started.

Editor's Note: Some players were reporting issues joining the event. They were getting a messaging saying they could not afford the Good vs. Evil Egg. This issue has been resolved. If you're still getting the error, please restart the game.

The Good vs. Evil event will end in
13 days, 23:03:39

How To Play Good vs. Evil World Event In Pet Simulator 99

You can access the event from Spawn in any world. You don't need any special key or item to access it. Once you're inside, simply hatch the Good vs. Evil Egg (it's free) to determine your fate. You will receive either a good or evil pet. Then, simply pass through either heavenly gates or evil depths.

Next, all you have to do is grind through the five zones and hatch your way through all the new eggs. It's important to note that each team (i.e., Good or Bad) has 15 unique pets to hatch in the Pet Simulator 99 Good vs. Evil Event. The final egg will have a chance to hatch either the HUGE Avenging Griffin or HUGE Evil Imp.

Remember that the entire Good vs. Evil event in Pet Simulator 99 is a competition against the good side and the bad side. You can help your team win by hatching the egg in the final zone. Every hour, the team that is the lead will win 3x Good vs. Evil Gift Bags (the losing side will only get 1x).

The Gift Bags contain a ton of rewards, including a chance to hatch the Huge Avenging Griffin or Huge Evil Imp as well as the Good vs. Evil Booth and Hoverboard. You can also earn these Gift Bags by converting event-exclusive items (i.e., Angel Feathers or Demon Horns) at the Event Machine.

You can find these by grinding the zones of Good vs. Evil World in Pet Simulator 99. You need ten items to craft one Gift Bag. So, you'll want to spend time getting to the final zone and smashing through all the breakables. I suggest you equip a damage-focused enchant build!

Before I forget, it's worth noting that there's also an individual hatching contest. Players who hatch the best pets stand a chance to win a Rainbow, Gold, and Regular HUGE Pet at the end of the Good vs. Evil Event in Pet Simulator 99. Each pet is worth different points! The more rare, the more points.

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