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How To Get Hideout Keys In Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to get Hideout Keys fast in Pet Simulator 99? Find all the details right here!
How To Get Hideout Keys In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Looking for Hideout Keys in Pet Simulator 99? No problem! By finding these keys, you can access a special area with untold riches, including a ton of valuable items, diamonds, and (wait for it)—a chance to get a free HUGE Pet! But where on earth are these Hideout Keys located?

That's why we're here! This guide will help shed light on the situation by detailing exactly how to unlock the Treasure Hideout minigame in Pet Simulator 99. Find all the steps you need to follow, as well as a few tips and tricks to make locating Hideout Keys a breeze!

How To Unlock Treasure Hideout In Roblox Pet Simulator 99

You can find the Treasure Hideout minigame in Area 159 (Mothership Circuit Board). However, you will need to find a special Hideout Key to unlock it. Right now, the only way to get the key is as a random drop from grinding the final zone or via the Trading Plaza.

If you're not too keen on paying an unreal amount of diamonds for the Hideout Key in Pet Simulator 99 (the RAP is currently super high), then my best suggestion is to AFK farm in the last area with Treasure Hunter Potion, Pineapples, Rainbow Fruit, Candy Cane, and Flags active.

pet sim 99 treasure hideout

You'll probably also want to tweak your Enchant build with Treasure Hunter and Chest Mimic books. Obviously, the odds of finding the Hideout Keys in Pet Simulator 99 will be way better if you've purchased Gamepasses—but that doesn't mean F2P players can't find them.

The key will give you access to the Treasure Hideout minigame for 30 minutes. During this time, you should equip your best pets and try to reach the break goal for a boosted drop rate. There are loads of items and diamonds to farm as well as a chance for a HUGE Electric Cat!

pet sim 99 hideout keys

And that's it! There's nothing much more to it. I wish you the very best of luck as you attempt to unlock the Treasure Hunter minigame in Pet Simulator 99. The minigame is only available every 6 hours, so make the most of your time while you're inside.