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How To Find Virus Egg In Pet Simulator 99

Not sure where to find the Virus Egg location in Pet Simulator 99? No problem—allow us to clear the confusion for you!
How To Find Virus Egg In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Where is the Virus Egg location in Pet Simulator 99? That's a good question. Update 16 didn't add any new biomes—so, naturally, some Roblox players are curious about where the new Virus Egg is located. The good news is there's really no secret puzzle you need to solve. This guide will explain everything you need to find it. So, let's get started.

Where Is The Virus Egg Location In Pet Simulator 99?

The Virus Egg is available in Hacker World, exclusively during the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99. To be more specific, this special egg is only unveiled after you successfully defend against an invasion of UFOs that drop Virus Chests. Once these chests and the protective orbs are broken, the Virus Egg appears for only 10 minutes.

The egg is highly sought after because it offers up to 100x increased chances of hatching the HUGE Virus Griffin. To access the Virus Egg, you must go through the Virus Portals located in Area 210 (Hacker Matrix) within Hacker World. It costs 7 Void Bars and 200k Void Coins to hatch one Virus Egg.

The Virus Event ends in about
6 days, 23:02:38

virus event pet sim 99

And that's everything to know about how to find the Virus Egg in Pet Simulator 99. It's not particularly difficult—you basically just need to destroy the Virus Chest to reveal it. Just remember to equip your strongest pets and farm for a ton of Void currency to hatch the pets.

You'll want to stock up on Void bars because if you are lucky enough to get a 100x HUGE Chance Egg, then you definitely don't want to be caught with little to no currency to hatch it. The Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99 is also a great place to farm Hacker Keys, which offer even more ways to get a HUGE pet.