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How To Get Fruit Fast In Pet Simulator X

Here's the best way to farm infinite Fruit in Pet Simulator X during the April Fools Day event.
How To Get Fruit Fast In Pet Simulator X

Are you a pet lover who can't get enough of Pet Simulator X in Roblox? Then you're in for a sweet treat! The April Fools' update introduced a delicious new feature with players buzzing: Fruit! These delicious items are scattered all over the game world and provide a variety of buffs to increase your pets' power, ranging from boosted Luck to increased XP gain.

But with so much Fruit to collect, you might want to know: How can you get infinite Fruit in Pet Simulator X? Well, wonder no more because we've got you covered! This guide will show you the fastest and most effective way to get max Fruit in Pet Simulator X. So grab your basket and get ready to become a Fruit-gathering master!

Fastest Way To Get Max Fruit In Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X has many types of Fruit, including Bananas, Pineapples, Apples, Oranges, and Lemons. Each Fruit provides a different buff to your pet, which you can learn more about in the table below. However, some of these Fruit are more valuable than others, such as Pineapples and Watermelons, because they offer XP and Luck Boosts.

Fruit Description Fruit Cap
Banana 1.2x Luck Boost 200x
Pineapple 1.1x XP Boost (replaces Speed Boost) 200x
Apple 1.1x Damage Boost 200x
Orange 1.2x Diamonds Boost 200x
Lemon 1.1x Coins Boost 200x
Rainbow Fruit (super rare) +1 of each Fruit Boost -

In the past, you could get a Speed boost from Pineapples to move faster than if you were on the Cat Hoverboard; however, it's still not the most efficient way to get Fruit quickly in Pet Simulator X. So instead, you'll want to go to Pixel Vault. This is the best location to get max Fruit because they have a higher spawning frequency and aren't very difficult to destroy. Another great place is Kawaii World; however, you should note that any Fruit found there has higher Health Points but offer more valuable boosts once destroyed.

how to get fruit pet simulator x
You can stack up to a maximum of 1000 of each Fruit in Pet Simulator X. (Picture: YouTube / Imnet Roblox)

Regardless of where you choose to farm Fruit, you should ensure that your "Pet Sending" option is set to "Single" as you grind and collect the Fruit that spawns. Then, assuming you have a few Huge Pets, you can easily break the Fruit to earn the bonuses. It's important to note that the more of a particular Fruit you collect, the higher your boost multiplier will go (0.1x per additional Fruit). Also, the Fruit buffs will deplete over time, so keep stocking up on them for maximum boosts to your pets.

And that's everything you need to know to get more Fruit in Pet Simulator X. By following these tips, you'll be able to collect Fruit fast and efficiently and level up your pets in no time.