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Stealth Bobcat Value & How To Get - Pet Simulator X

Want to add the Stealth Bobcat to your Pet Simulator X collection? Here are the latest trade values!
Stealth Bobcat Value & How To Get - Pet Simulator X

Are you searching for the latest Stealth Bobcat value in Pet Simulator X? You're in luck! This guide provides you with the latest trade values but also offers details on how to get the Stealth Bobcat in Pet Simulator X. This newest companion in the 27 May 2023 update has many fans excited about its debut.

That being said, many players want to get their hands on it! And that's why this guide will help you make the most informed trading decisions by detailing the best value and price of the Stealth Bobcat in the game.

Updated on 27 May 2023: This page is a stub. We're still learning more about this pet. We'll update this page once we know a bit more.

Pet Simulator X: Stealth Bobcat Value & Price

The Stealth Bobcat is available by [???] in Pet Simulator X. As such, you'll not be surprised that many Roblox players are willing to trade a ton of Diamonds to add these pets to their collection. The table below will help you determine the best Stealth Bobcat trade value in Pet Simulator X, regardless of whether you're a buyer or a seller.

Stealth Bobcat Value [speculative]

Regular version 10 billion diamonds
Gold version 30 billion diamonds
Rainbow version 500 billion diamonds
Dark Matter version TBD
Shiny version 60 billion diamonds

Note: The value of the Stealth Bobcat in Pet Simulator X is subject to change due to factors such as in-game updates, enchantments, and market fluctuations. The table above provides an estimate of the current value of each rarity, but it may not be accurate in the future. Also, only pets with damage stats can be Dark Matter variants, while any pet has a chance to be hatched as a Shiny.

Pet Simulator X: How To Get Stealth Bobcat

Unfortunately, it's still unclear how to get the Stealth Bobcat in Pet Simulator X. Nevertheless, you can be sure that this digital companion is only available for a limited time. At this point, it will be discontinued. After that, the only way to get the Stealth Bobcat will be through trading with other players at the Trading Booth. Of course, there is a slim chance it could return as a future event-exclusive reward, but we wouldn't bet on it. So it's best to try to get your hands on one now while you can.