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What Is Summer World In Pet Simulator X?

Summer World is a brand-new area in Pet Simulator X! Here's everything you need to know about it and the new Summer Event!
What Is Summer World In Pet Simulator X?

 ofIt felt like just yesterday that we were exploring the newly added Dog World. So, what could be better than yet another new biome? Introducing Summer World in Pet Simulator X, a brand-new area in Roblox's favorite pet collection game, which has naturally triggered mass excitement as players prepare to sink their toes in the sand!

The Pet Simulator X Summer World is complete with summer-themed breakables, a Summer Event, and new Summer Pets! Yes, you read that right. These new Pets include the likes of Summer Monkey, Dolphin, Corgi, Axolotl, and more. So, the question is, are you ready for Summer World in Pet Simulator X? Here's everything you need to know!

Updated on 12 June 2023: Summer World is a brand-new world in the latest Pet Simulator X update, with new pets and breakables to go along with.

How To Get To Summer World In Pet Simulator X


You can travel to the new Summer World in Pet Simulator X through the sandcastle in the Town area of Spawn World. There are three biomes in this new world: Sandy Beach, Tiki Island, and Pirate Cave.

All Summer World Pets In Pet Simulator X

What's a new world in Pet Simulator X without new pets to go along with it? Summer World in Pet Simulator X will boast an exciting range of new Pets you can collect - 14 to be exact! We've listed some of them below.


As always, these Pets can be hatched from the Summer World Eggs: Beach Egg, Floatie Egg, and Volcano Eggs. The final Volcano Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Pineapple Cat!

Popsicle Coins is a brand-new currency that can be found in the Summer World in Pet Simulator X. Looking for a way to get a lot of these new coins? You can earn these by going to Pirate Cove and breaking open the Giant Volcano Chest!

What Is The Summer Event In Pet Simulator X?

The Summer Event in Pet Simulator X is a limited-time event where you can participate in quests and earn rewards. During the event, you will be presented with a series of quests of varying difficulties. By completing these quests, you will earn quest points based on the challenge level. The objective is to accumulate 100 quest points to unlock all the rewards (i.e., or reach Tier 100).

These rewards include exclusive items such as Pets, Eggs, Surfboard Hoverboard, and more. You can progress through the event by spending your earned quest points to unlock the rewards along the way. The event provides an opportunity for you to engage in seasonal content and collect special items that are only available during the summer event.

Oh, and don't forget about the Treasure Hunt Event in Pet Simulator X. This is a limited-time event where you can dig chests to find eggs with increased chances of obtaining Huge Pets. The event can be entered every 4 hours, starting at 12 PM CDT. It provides an opportunity to discover valuable and rare pets by digging chests.

And that's everything we know about Summer World in Pet Simulator X. Good luck hatching these new Pets! While you're here, though, did you know that we have loads of other Pet Simulator X guides? For example, you might like to check out our guides on how to get Quest Points or the Cat Hoverboard in the game.