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Pet Simulator X: Beach Ball Monkey Value & How To Get

Discover the Beach Ball Monkey value in Pet Simulator X right here to snag the cutest beached-out digital companion!
Pet Simulator X: Beach Ball Monkey Value & How To Get

Are you looking for a banana-loving tropical treat? We've got just the thing! Get your hands on the new Beach Ball Monkey in Pet Simulator X! That's right, this funky, sun-loving primate is making waves with the latest Summer World update.

Ready to explore what this Beach Ball Monkey could mean for your pet collection? Whether you're a veteran trader or just starting your pet journey, our guide will detail the Beach Ball value for each rarity in Pet Simulator X.

Updated on 12 June 2023: This is a new pet that you can hatch in Summer World. We explained how to get your hands on it below. Please note that the values you see might not be available yet (or might be outdated).

Pet Simulator X: Beach Ball Monkey Value

The table below will help you determine the best Beach Ball Monkey value in Pet Simulator X, regardless of whether you're a buyer or a seller. As you might notice, some versions are worth quite a lot of Diamonds. That's because the price largely depends on the pet's drop chance.

Regular version 250 thousand Diamonds
Gold version 500 thousand Diamonds
Rainbow version 3 million Diamonds
Dark Matter version 8 million Diamonds
Shiny version 1 million Diamonds

Note: The value of the Beach Ball Monkey in Pet Simulator X is subject to change due to factors such as in-game updates, enchantments, and market fluctuations. The table above provides an estimate of the current value of each rarity, but it may not be accurate in the future.

Pet Simulator X: How To Get Beach Ball Monkey

You can get the Beach Ball Monkey by hatching either the Floatie Egg or Beach Egg in Summer World. The Floatie Egg has the best odds of dropping this pet (37% odds).

It's important to note that not all pets are available forever. So in the event that this pet is discontinued, trading with other players will be the only method to get it.

Of course, there is always the slim chance the pet could return as a future event-exclusive reward, but we wouldn't bet on it. So it's best to try to get your hands on one now while you can.