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How To Get Haki In Pixel Piece

Learn how to obtain Haki in Roblox Pixel Piece by defeating the Ancient Gorilla boss in the Jungle of Chaos.
How To Get Haki In Pixel Piece

Haki is a rare and powerful ability in the popular Roblox game Pixel Piece. In particular, it allows players to deal insane melee and sword damage, making them a force to be reckoned with in battles. As a result, it's only natural that the Haki ability is so highly sought after by Roblox Pixel Piece players. That said, getting your hands on Haki is relatively easy, so long as you're at the required character level. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to get Haki in Roblox Pixel Piece, including all the different levels and buffs.

How To Unlock Haki In Roblox Pixel Piece

The first step in obtaining Haki is to reach Level 70 in Pixel Piece. This will take some time, but it is a requirement to unlock the Haki ability. The primary reason is that you cannot explore Vaill Island (where you initiate the Haki questline) if you are not at the required level. To level up, players must participate in battles, complete quests, and explore the world of Pixel Piece.

how to get haki in roblox pixel piece
Speak to the NPC on Vaill Island to start the Haki questline in Pixel Piece. (Picture: YouTube / SAGEz)

Once you have reached Level 70, you can start the Haki questline, which involves engaging in a grueling battle with a giant gorilla that will test your skills and determination. To start the questline, speak to the NPC "Next," located outside the Temple on Vaill Island. After talking to Next, you'll need to pay him 5,000 Gold to start the Haki quest.

Now, navigate to the Jungle of Chaos, where you'll encounter the Ancient Gorilla boss. You can use the teleporter on the right-hand side of Next to fast travel to the boss's location; however, you must ensure that it is nighttime before you do so. To complete the quest, You will need to battle and defeat the Ancient Gorilla five times. Once the Ancient Gorilla is destroyed, it will drop Haki v1 as a reward.

how to defeat ancient gorilla boss in pixel piece haki unlock
You must destroy the Ancient Gorilla in the Jungle of Chaos to unlock the Haki ability. (Picture: YouTube / SAGEz)

Once you have unlocked the Haki ability, you can immediately activate it by pressing "J." That said, it is important to train and develop your Haki to unlock its true potential in Pixel Piece. This can be done by participating in battles and using your Haki in combat. The more you use and train your Haki, the stronger it will become.

All Haki Levels & Buffs in Roblox Pixel Piece

So you might wonder, what are the benefits of using Haki in Pixel Piece? Fortunately, we have the answer. All buffs for all the levels of Haki are indicated below. In addition, you can change your Haki color using the Soul of Armament; however, we suggest waiting until you've reached Haki v3 before using it.

  • Haki v1: +1 Melee/Sword Damage
  • Haki v2: +4 Melee/Sword Damage (unlocked after reaching 17,000 Mastery with Haki v1)
  • Haki v3: +7 Melee/Sword Damage (unlocked after reaching 50,000 Mastery with Haki v2)

That's everything you need to know about how to unlock Haki in Roblox Pixel Piece. We want to thank the YouTuber SAGEz for their detailed guide explaining how to get Haki. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.