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Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List: Every Crystal Ranked From Best To Worst

Want to know what is the best Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide? Look no further than this tier list.
Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List: Every Crystal Ranked From Best To Worst

What is the best Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide? That is a great question, especially considering all the unique buffs these mystical enchantments offer. So, in this guide, we will uncover all there is to know in our Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal tier list, ranking each on their power and versatility in the game.

From exploring the full potential of every Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide to finding the best one for the job, our guide will guide you to victory and beyond. Whether you're new to the realm or a seasoned player, this list of all Reiatsu Crystal Peroxide ranked will reshape your game strategy.

What Is The Best Reiatsu Crystal In Peroxide Roblox?

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This is a highly subjective question, as it depends on your specific context, strategy, and playstyle. Still, we can give a general opinion of the best Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide. Crystal of Null (Legendary Crystal) is particularly powerful because it offers greater damage, which can be game-changing in the right scenario.

The potential to deal a massive amount of damage in a single move could end battles quickly or shift the momentum in your favor. The downside of reduced damage afterward is a trade-off, but if used strategically, such as finishing off an opponent or dealing with a high-threat target, its benefits could outweigh the negatives.

However, there are other Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide that can be crucial in countering specific strategies. For example, Crystal of Inchor offers lifesteal, which can provide significant sustain in prolonged battles; Crystal of Exponentiality increases damage output by 30%, which is consistently good for all scenarios; and Crystal of Aegis provides a defensive benefit that can negate a potentially fatal blow.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List


There are nineteen Reiatsu Crystal available to Peroxide players. Here is a comprehensive tier list:

Tier Reiatsu Crystal
S-Tier Crystal of Null; Crystal of Despair

Crystal of Conduction; Crystal of Prodigy; Crystal of Terra; Crystal of Chains; Crystal of Inchor; Crystal of Creep; Crystal of Exponentiality

B-Tier Crystal of Reap; Crystal of Clutch; Crystal of Inferno; Crystal of Glass
C-Tier Crystal of Shadow; Crystal of Wind; Crystal of Aegis; Crystal of Degression
D-Tier Crystal of Spirit; Crystal of Force

Tier Descriptions

  • S-Tier: The crème de la crème. These Reiatsu Crystals offer unmatched power, versatility, and adaptability, making them the first choice for players seeking dominance in battle.

  • A-Tier: Standing tall with impressive prowess, these Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide provide formidable strength and flexibility. However, they might not reach the heights of the S-Tier.

  • B-Tier: Consistently dependable, these Reiatsu Crystals offer reliable performance. Although they might not have the standout attributes of higher tiers, with strategic application, they can still play a role in battle.

  • C-Tier: While these Reiatsu Crystals may not be the go-to for top-level play in Peroxide, they still have their moments. With specific strategies or in certain scenarios, they can provide a much-needed boost or niche utility.

  • D-Tier: Reserved for the less favored Reiatsu Crystals. These may not offer the same level of power or adaptability as others. They can be situationally useful but generally require more effort or creativity to shine.

Navigating the realm of Peroxide requires understanding and leveraging the Reiatsu Crystals to their fullest potential. While this guide offers insights and guidelines, always remember that personal playstyle, skill level, and game dynamics, especially with updates, can significantly influence the efficacy of each Reiatsu Crystal.

Your insights and experiences are invaluable. Do you agree with our tier list? Have a contrasting perspective or unique strategies to share? Let us know your thoughts by reaching out at the contact options below. Also, check out some of our other guides on this popular Bleach-based Roblox game: How To Get Legendary & Godly Cards | How To Get Fullbringer | How To Get Schrift | How To Become A Soul Reaper