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When Will Rell Seas Come Out? Release Date & Time

Want to know the official Rell Seas release date? Find everything you need to know about the popular One Piece-based anime game right here!
When Will Rell Seas Come Out? Release Date & Time
Roblox via RELL Games

Are you excited to play Rell Seas? That's hardly a surprise! The ultra-popular One Piece-inspired Roblox anime game has been all the craze ever since it was announced—but there's just one burning question: When will Rell Seas come out?

If you're interested in finding out the Rell Seas official release date, then keep reading! This guide will keep you up-to-date with all the scoop from the awesome peeps who brought you Shindo Life. Here's everything you need to know!

Updated on 4 February 2024: We updated this page with news from one of the developers. Rell Seas will come out sometime this year, but there is no confirmed release date at this time. The game has been delayed due to design changes to avoid copyright and the New Year's break.
RELL Seas Update on 4 February 2024

The devs are working on the game modes for RELL Seas: Crew Battles is somewhat like a conquest focused on island-capturing


RELL Seas Update on 28 January 2024

According to developer RELLsin: RELL Seas will be released with approximately 28 surface and underwater islands to explore split into 2 Seas. There will be 17 primary islands, 4 secondary islands, 7 underwater Islands, and some underwater dungeons, totaling nearly 30 islands!

RELL Seas Update on 22 January 2024

According to developer RELLbadman, RELL Seas is "about 60-70% complete" in terms of the game's roadmap, with reworks setting much of their progress back.

Roblox Rell Seas Release Date & Time - Countdown Timer

The release date for Rell Seas is not yet known, but it is confirmed to be sometime in 2024. The game's developers, Rell Games, initially planned on releasing the One Piece-inspired Roblox game within the first two quarters, but delays have shifted to as late as September.

The countdown timer below will assume that Rell Seas comes out on 1 June 2024—however, it's important to remember that this date is speculative. We will adjust the timer in response to any new developments or news from the developers.

Rell Seas SHOULD come out in the next
117 days, 17:40:31

Why Is Rell Seas Taking So Long To Come Out?

So, what's the deal? Why is Rell Seas being delayed? Basically, the developers are doing their utmost to avoid potential legal issues linked to the resemblance of the game's characters and models with those in the anime series they're inspired by: One Piece.

This move follows the recent My Hero Academia x Gamefam debacle, which has largely questioned the future of anime games. This means that releasing an IP (intellectual property) game like Rell Seas will require proper licensing or major reworks to detach it from its originally inspired IP.

Why Is Rell Seas Release Date Delayed?

As a result, Rell Games has been effectively "forced" to change their character models, weapons, bosses, and transformations because not having a license puts the game at a very high risk of being DMCA'd (i.e., receiving a copyright strike) and taken down. 

This has, in turn, resulted in the Rell Seas release date being significantly delayed. Luckily, there is some good news, though. The devs have been providing regular updates, noting that there "isn't that much to change," solidifying that Rell Seas is not being neglected!

rell seas roblox

While the beta testing phase has not started yet, the developers have been actively testing the game themselves. We expect the Rell Seas closed-beta test to take at least 30 days, potentially extending to 2-3 months, reinforcing the expected release window as late as September 2024.

That's everything we know about when Rell Seas will come out. We will update this page in due time.