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How To Get Clan Rerolls In Shinobi Lineage

Looking for a way to reroll your clan in Shinobi Lineage? Find everything to know right here!
How To Get Clan Rerolls In Shinobi Lineage

Want to know how to reroll clans in Shinobi Lineage? You're in the right spot! There are a dozen different clans in the game. But not all are very good. That said, it's only natural you might want to switch things up so you can reforge your journey in the ninja world.

This guide will explain how to get clan rerolls in Shinobi Lineage and answer the burning question everyone wants to know—are there any free clan rerolls? 

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How To Reroll Clans In Shinobi Lineage Roblox

Rerolling your clan in Shinobi Lineage is super easy. All you have to do is warp to the Inner World and look for the Orochimaru (Clan Changer) NPC. When you find him, interact with him, and he will charge you 50 Robux to change your clan.

And in case you're wondering, no, you cannot choose your clan in Shinobi Lineage. Instead, you will randomly be assigned one of the following clans:

  • Otsusuki (1% chance to roll)
  • Uchiha (4% chance to roll)
  • Senju (4% chance to roll)
  • Uzumaki (4% chance to roll)
  • Hyuga (30% chance to roll)
  • Rai (30% chance to roll)
  • Karatachi (30% chance to roll)
  • Miyajima (30% chance to roll)
  • Oribe (30% chance to roll)
  • Kazesuna (30% chance to roll)
  • Hoshigaki (30% chance to roll)
  • Yuki (30% chance to roll)

Since you're spending real money to change your clan in Shinobi Lineage, I suggest you think carefully before doing it. While it's not very expensive, you should only really consider rerolling if you have a terrible clan like Yuki, Miyajima, Rai, or Oribe.

clan changer npc shinobi lineage

What is the best clan to join in Shinobi Lineage? That's a good question! The good news is I have a few options for you. Check out my tier list to learn how I've ranked every clan in the game, from best to worst. Remember, while certain races are rarer, they are not inherently better.

Can You Reroll Clans For Free In Shinobi Lineage?

Nope. Unfortunately, there are no free clan rerolls in Shinobi Lineage. Well, at least not right now. This means you must spend Robux each time you want to try for a different clan. The developers could add a free method in the future (that's a maybe, not a certainty).

And that's how to reroll clans in Shinobi Lineage. I know it might not be ideal to cough up money to change clans, but it's important to understand that like many games, Shinobi Lineage uses these charges as a way to generate money and to support the development and maintenance.