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Top 5 characters in Roblox Piggy

Roblox Piggy is one of the scariest games on the Roblox platform, so lots of players wonder what are the top 5 characters in Roblox Piggy.
Top 5 characters in Roblox Piggy

Roblox Piggy has its fair share of dedicated players, thanks to the unique and smooth gameplay. There are tons of characters to choose from in this epic horror game, but which Roblox Piggy characters are the best?

In this article, we'll go over the top five Roblox Piggy characters so you can choose the most fun and interesting skin available.

Top 5 skins in Roblox Piggy

The top skins in Roblox Piggy have some of the best and most iconic designs in the game. Those who wear these Roblox Piggy skins tend to really stand out from other players.

5. Skelly

Skelly skin Roblox Piggy character
Skelly was not originally meant to be a skin in Roblox Piggy, but was added later on. (Picture: Roblox Corporation/Roblox Piggy)

Skelly is a pretty unique skin in Roblox Piggy, both in its design and its backstory. This skin resembles the original Piggy, but features a mouth with gritted teeth and shows the character's bones.

According to MiniToon, Skelly was not originally going to become a skin, but many players wanted to play as Skelly, so he added it. Now, Skelly is one of the most popular skins in Roblox Piggy.

4. Pandy

Roblox Piggy Pandy skin character
Pandy isn't a new skin, but that doesn't mean it isn't popular. (Picture: Roblox Corporation/Roblox Piggy)

Pandy might have been added as early as Piggy: Book 2, but this skin hasn't aged a day since its arrival in the game. After all, who doesn't want to look like a cool and creepy panda wielding a katana? Even so long after its release, many dedicated players still sport this skin.

This is certainly one of the coolest skins in Roblox Piggy, from the character's singular red-eye to the weapon they wield.

3. Dinopiggy

Dinopiggy Roblox skin Roblox Piggy
Dinopiggy looks like the original Piggy if he were a dinosaur. (Picture: Roblox Corporation/Roblox Piggy)

Dinopiggy is a dark green skin with black spots all over, causing the overall look to resemble a dinosaur. Players who enjoy more rare looks may appreciate this design since it's not worn by all that many players but really stands out in a crowd.

Dinopiggy can provide a look for those who appreciate both the creepy and cute side of the game since it depicts a bit of both.

2. Zompiggy

Zompiggy skin character in Roblox Piggy
Zompiggy is a zombie pig skin. (Picture: Roblox Corporation/Roblox Piggy)

Zompiggy is a creepy and cool skin that will appear to fans of zombie horror who enjoy Roblox Piggy. It's certainly one of the more strange-looking outfits in the game, especially when paired with its spooky jumpscare.

Zompiggy can be spawned using the tombstone trap, but will only remain active for a few seconds.

1. Kitty

Kitty skin character Roblox Piggy
Kitty is a horrifying character in Roblox Piggy. (Picture: Roblox Corporation/Roblox Piggy)

Kitty is a fan favorite skin for those who love Roblox Piggy, and for good reason. She's one of the most unique characters in the game, and her jumpscare is absolutely horrifying.

With Kitty's love for baking and odd design, she's truly one of the most interesting skins in Roblox Piggy, with a creepy and cool backstory to boot.

And that's all. For more Roblox tips, news, leaks, and guides, be sure to check out our dedicated section!


Featured image courtesy of Roblox Corporation.