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8 Quick Chats that should be added to Rocket League

From helping with the strategy to keeping up with the community’s lingo, here are great examples that should be included in Psyonix’s next update.
8 Quick Chats that should be added to Rocket League

Quick chats were implemented as an easily and widely accessible communication tool where platforms alike can, at the press of two buttons, tell each other off or congratulate one another, no matter friend or foe.

Whether they are ironic or genuine, quick chats are a huge part of the Rocket League community, conveying the idea of how difficult it is to perceive written messaged.

To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend offering the player base even more options to pick and choose from. Showing excitement, embarrassment or even communication intention, here are eight Quick Chats we feel should be in the car-soccer hybrid.

Quick Chats that should be added to Rocket League

1. Oof.

oof rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

Whilst “Whew.” is already a part of the game’s text messages and it’s used almost in the same context, “Oof.” just fits the game and the many “oof-able” moments that happen every five-minute game.

From an accidental pinch goal on kickoff or a hard open-net whiff to trying to react to your teammate abandoning you mid-match after the slightest of inconveniences, “Oof.” reflects the exact feeling for all three scenarios.

What “Whew.” shows as worry, “Oof.” proves in determination. It’s a battle cry when it’s time to tough it out and carry on. It’s like if “Whew.” and “No problem.” had a kid, really.

2. “Cheating.”

cheating cheat rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

I can already see this one being misused by the community calling every high-kph pinch or broken demo a hacking effort and I’m all for it. Think about the memes this quick chat will create.

Without a past of cheating allegations, this quick chat would be comedy gold and informative at the same time.

If you are unfamiliar with Rocket League lingo, cheating is the action when a teammate who’s not on the ball stays close to your play or the opponent’s play, creating pressure or “cheating.”

It’ll especially go well on kickoff when the original 50/50 has the ball dead in the middle of the field for a quick follow up shot and hopefully the opening score. Big brain plays.

3. “Yikes!”

yikes rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

The “Oof.” quick chat but make it ironic. “Yikes!” will work with everything that “Oof.” works with but with a hint of sass, kind of teasing the receiver of the message.

If “Yikes!” had a face, it would be a raised-eyebrowed set of eyes showing their full set of teeth but without smiling. You know, that face you make when you go “Yikes!”

Applicable to every occasion especially when trying to get under someone’s skin, almost like you are reacting to your camera instead of to the participants à la Jim from The Office; charming.

4. “Killing the ball.”

killing kill the ball rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

This quick chat would go hand in hand with the “Cheating.” one because of how both actions form one play if performed for the exact same team.

The act of killing the ball means stopping its momentum to a minimum or in its entirety, usually in an attempt to get a follow-up touch from your teammate.

Hence, if your teammate is calling “Cheating.” in the quick chat, you might want to kill the ball or if you are “Killing the ball.”, your opponent better be ready to cheat up for the swiftest transaction.

5. “Pinching.”

pinch pinching rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

“Pinching.” would definitely be the opposite of “Killing the ball.” Both are informative to your teammate for a reason, the latter means to expect a touch that will stay close to yourself but it’s their turn to take over and the former -- welp, good luck.

Pinching is such an easy mechanic to understand yet one of the most difficult ones to really grasp when it comes to consistency. Hence, it is usually used in desperate situations as a Hail Mary expecting the worst for the opponents and the best for yourself.

If you ever call for a pinch, your teammate should give you all the space in the world because worst-case scenario, you are own-goal-ing or putting them in a bad spot. At least you can warn them with this quick chat. *Shrug*

6. “Peaking.”

peaking peak rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

This is probably my favourite quick chat of the bunch because it has that magical double-meaning to it that can be used to both praise or destroy teammates and opponents alike on the pitch.

I don’t you would’ve made it this far if you didn’t know what peaking was, but for those of you out there that don’t know yet, it’s basically an expression to show you’ve reached your maximum potential, power and ability, hence “peaking.”

I also love the fact that it’s phrased in such a way that you can even quick chatting while you are still mid-play. Imagine getting turtle-dribble pogo Musty double-tapped whilst getting a quick chat that read “Peaking.” right in the middle of the freestyle. Disrespectful.

7. “Pre-jumping.”

prejumping rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

Talking about freestyle, I’ve learnt recently that it’s not out of the norm to meet a fellow freestyler while solo queueing. 

If they were to queue into another match in the same team or were to party up for the following matches, this quick chat will save everyone a lot of awkward double-commits.

Not everyone is made for voice comms either because of the lack of a mic, the undesire of making human interaction or because of the ignorance of Discord, but whatever the reason, Quick Chats should cover as much ground as possible.

If you are going for a solo play, we have “I got it!” in the quick chats. If you want the ball or want your teammate to go for the ball while you are on it, “Pre-jumping.” is the way to go.

8. “Sheesh!”

sheesh rocket league quick chat(Picture: Psyonix)

We can take the other seven pitches and throw them out the window right now. This one will take any and every poll asking for a new quick chat and you know it. I know it, too.

Taking over the internet starting with TikTok and moving smoothly into the gaming community, even Kansas City Pioneers-turned-Shopify Rebellion RLCS pro Jalen "rapid" Parker knows what’s up.

When if any of these pitches make the cut in the near future make sure to come back and read its use, we promise you you won’t miss a single queue to hit the right text and be the soul of the quick chat.


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