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Rocket League x Fortnite Event 'Fan Clash' Leaks

Popular leaker iFireMonkey has revealed a potential upcoming Rocket League x Fortnite 'Fan Clash' event, check out the details here.
Rocket League x Fortnite Event 'Fan Clash' Leaks

Crossover promotions have become more and more popular in recent years as so many game developers have enjoyed the ability to cross-pollinate with additional fanbases. One of the more successful crossovers in the past saw popular titles Fortnite and Rocket League produce an ultra-exciting event.

The Llama-Rama, as it was called, introduced exciting new game modes, in-game rewards, and more. It looks like Epic Games is set to run another crossover event between their popular franchises, so follow along to find all the details about the upcoming Rocket League x Fortnite 'Fan Clash' event.

Rocket League x Fortnite 'Fan Clash' Event - Start Date

Fortnite x Rocket League event
Fortnite and Rocket League have crossed over before to provide awesome game events. (Picture: Muselk / Epic Games)

As certain titles have grown to top-tier heights of popularity, the interest has spawned leakers to vigorously dig through game files and coding in an effort to unveil upcoming information. Some leakers have become notorious amongst the gaming community and iFireMonkey is certainly one of those characters.

Recently, a tweet from the popular leaker suggested that Epic Games could be moving towards another collab between Fortnite and Rocket League, and another major in-game event is set to feature. The leak did not specify any information about an exact release date, but news that the crossover is in the works is still very exciting.

Later commentary from the leaker revealed that the upcoming Rocket League event is called "Fan Clash" and is set to feature as a "Team Battles" system. The event will likely feature exclusive rewards for players to unlock, so you'll certainly want to participate when the Rocket League x Fortnite Fan Clash rolls around.

Fortnite x Rocket League crossover battle bus
Fortnite and Rocket League are set to bring more exclusive in-game rewards for players to unlock. (Picture: Epic Games)

That's everything we know now about the upcoming Rocket League x Fortnite collab. We'll keep tabs on the situation and will update you with any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.