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German Amigos coach MaGiCzZz “taking a break from Rocket League”

The announcement came to everyone’s surprise after the team’s account and his personal Twitter went dark on 7th June.
German Amigos coach MaGiCzZz “taking a break from Rocket League”

Patrick "MaGiCzZz" Schüßler, coach to European breakthrough team German Amigos, will be staying off the pitch for the time being.

The coach/manager has been active since 2016, a year after Rocket League released and has always been hired in such roles.

“I have to say that I'm taking a break from Rocket League. I thank you for this incredible support and I promise I will come back stronger and better”, the esports personality stated. “There will be no more statement this month. See you soon, guys.”

The 32-year-old surprised the community after some unusual social media activity raised a couple of eyebrows across Reddit.

First, the team’s Twitter account went dark just a couple of days after being verified which immediately took their fans by surprise.

Then, German Amigos captain Leonardo "Catalysm" Christ Ramos directed any and “all pro coaches” to “please message me instead of Magiczzz for scrims”, foreshadowing the coach’s momentary departure.

Their RLCS Season X came to an end last month after their Top 8 Spring Major performance. The Amigos’ placement that put them on the map was their Spring Split The Grid showing finishing 2nd place only behind Europe’s top team, BDS.

At the time of writing the newly-verified German Amigos Twitter account is still reads as non-existent.

From everyone here at GINX TV, we send Coach MaGiCzZz more life and the best of vibes to go through whatever they are going through -- vamos, amigo.


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