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Rocket League
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Ground Zero defeats Cringe Society for RLCS X Oceanic Championship

The Australian organisation topped off a dream season with the region's highest prize.
Ground Zero, the region's top seed, toppled Cringe Society in dominant fashion to crown themselves the RLCS X Oceanic Champions.

Jonathan "Express" Slade, Daniel "Torsos" Parsons, Luke "Amphis" Riddell and James "Jimmah" Forshaw add another notch to the wins column after being down early in the set.

Cringe Society finished the day with $30,000 as the Oceanic kings walk off with $70,000.

This is both squads' biggest victory in prize pool money.

rocket league, rlcs x, oceania, oceanic, oce, championship, grand finals, team, ground zero, cringe society, winner, result(Picture: Ground Zero)

The Australian organisation underwent a series of roster changes since the beginning of the tenth campaign which led the team to win almost everything during the season.

Finishing their historic run with two Majors, five regionals and now the Oceanic Championship under their belt.

This effectively closes out the Rocket League season for the down under until RLCS 11 kicks off in Q3 of 2021.

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