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A demotivated Jstn opts out of Rocket League IWO: “Nothing makes me happy”

The 18-year-old will take the summer off Rocket League to try to gain back his physical and mental health.
A demotivated Jstn opts out of Rocket League IWO: “Nothing makes me happy”

Justin “Jstn” Morales, considered to be the best Rocket League player in the world, confirmed on 5th May that he would not be participating in the game’s Intel World Open tournament that was announced earlier that same day.

The 18-year-old posted a tweet that led to a TwitLonger that explained his null intentions of participating in the pre-Summer Olympics esports event.

“The reason for this is because I have been dealing with a lot of demotivation and just have been depressed, and my mentality is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Main reason being, no LANs”, the NRG player explained.

“Just the thought of playing something that doesn't involve a LAN kind of ruins it for me”, recapping the soon to conclude RLCS Season X for which he confirmed his participation in both the Spring Major and RLCS X Championships.

“A prime example of this is my RLCS face cam. The reason why I always look dead whenever we score or even, in general, is that deep down, it's just been difficult for something to make me happy.” 

jstn intel world open rocket league quitJstn (middle) holding the RLCS trophy back in Season 8 (Picture: @its_jstn/Twitter)

“Nothing makes me happy as of right now. I feel like I always have to act like fake happy if that makes sense, and I honestly hate doing that”, the Rocket League player opened up stating that after the RLCS Season X concludes, he will be taking a short break from Rocket League to return to his happy old self.

Jstn has been a player for The General NRG since early 2018 and has had a remarkable career in the organisation ever since, winning the RLCS World Championship in Season 8 and currently leading North America in the season.

This RLCS X season, however, has taken a toll on the professional players’ mental, being the longest of its kind that only led to a disappointing resolution in the cancellation of the long-overdue LAN event.

It is still uncertain if Jstn’s teammates Mariano “Squishy” Arruda or Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon will be taking a break from the historic Open.

The defending Major and World Champions are set to make their next appearance during the Spring Major to be played throughout two days starting on 22nd May 2021. 

We are sending nothing but good vibes Jstn’s way and hope he finds the peace and happiness he so needs and deserves at the moment.


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