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How to accept Rocket League’s licence agreement

Here’s a quick guide in case you are struggling with getting past the licence agreement prompt in Rocket League.
How to accept Rocket League’s licence agreement
Since going free-to-play after being purchased by Epic Games, there isn’t to complain about Rocket League as the user experience is as smooth as ever and the interfaces, user friendly.

In an almost glitch-less title, Psyonix is bound to have a small hiccup or two; just like the license agreement bug.

You know, the prompt you get in every video after your very first sign-in and every update that almost no one reads -- that one.

Well, whenever you have previously agreed and the update doesn’t install correctly, you could be stuck in an endless loop unable to queue your favourite online playlist.

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Well, fear no more as we have a solution to manually agree to everything you need to agree to so you can finally get rid of the Navi-like notifications and get back on the pitch.

How to accept Rocket League’s licence agreement

Here’s how to get past the annoying pop-up when trying to queue online games, courtesy of Rocket League support:

  1. Launch Rocket League
  2. Select Settings from the Main Menu
  3. Select the Extras tab
  4. Select Legal Agreements
  5. Select and read the EULA 
  6. Select OK to accept
  7. Select and read the Terms of Service
  8. Select OK to accept
  9. Select and read the Privacy Policy
  10. Select OK to accept

This should fix the problem and confirm to Epic Games servers that your account has fully read and accepted their agreements, policies and terms of services.

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