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RLCS X Champion Turinturo 'retires': “Goodbye forever, League”

The 18-year-old professional Rocket League player’s got jokes, not going to lie.
RLCS X Champion Turinturo 'retires': “Goodbye forever, League”

There was plenty of time between the RLCS Season X Major and the North American Championship, so much so that pros are now pulling our legs for the hell of it.

Rogue’s Rocket League pro Leonardo "Turinturo" Wilson is the latest to do it successfully as he took to Twitter and click-baited us all into a TwitLonger with the caption “My Coming Departure from the Competitive Scene” -- talk about dramatic.

“I never thought this time would come so soon. Its been a long season struggling with motivation and burnout, but I believe this time in my life is best to be done and over with rather than dragging it on”, the 18-year-old confessed.

“I've travelled up and down the Rift trying to find purpose”, referring to League of Legend’s Wild Rift, “but my jungler never ganks, no matter what lane I play in. I haven’t gone up a rank in the past 4 months … I just see no future for myself in playing this terrible game that I’ve sunk hundreds of my own money in to buy skins.” We feel that last part, Turo.

turinturo retires rocket league rlcs x rogue (Image: Rogue/YouTube)

Just as he had us in the palm of his hand, we get bamboozled and whilst we are sorry for the misdirect on this article, we are being 100% more transparent than Turo’s TwitLonger.

Turinturo represents Rogue who has found huge success during the tenth Rocket League Championship Series campaign.

Alongside Jason "Firstkiller" Corral and Alexandre "Taroco." Reis Pedrogam, Turo took Rogue to a 4th place finish in North America with 3532 circuit points and two regional championship wins.

Turo got jokes, but we get the last laugh as we’ll witness him and Rogue take on Spacestation Spacestation Gaming this 15th June 2021 in the North American Championship for a chance at bragging rights and big, big money.


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