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Rocket League
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Is SK Gaming signing German Amigos’ Rocket League team?

The German organisation posted a four-second teaser to which one Rocket League pro and his team's Twitter account reacted to ambiguously.

Even in the home stretch of the RLCS Season X, we are still getting major news, signings and roster changes across the scene -- or at least it seems like it.

On 8th May, the German esports organisation SK Gaming tweeted out a very short teaser; a black screen with a motor sound like an engine starting and then a date reading 13.05.2021 fades in.

While the engine audio itself almost confirms the introduction of a Rocket League squad to the teams the org manages, what really caught the attention of the car-soccer hybrid community was the likes and replies of two specific accounts.

sk gaming german amigos teaser org signThe only visible frame from the four-second long teaser released by the org. (Picture: @SKGaming/Twitter)

Both Riccardo “Rizex45” Mazzotta, a player for German Amigos and the German Amigos Twitter account itself liked and replied to the SK Gaming announcement tweet with little to no thread to pull right after, ignoring the fans’ questions.

German Amigos have taken the RLEsports scene by storm since their inception in March of 2021, with their biggest finish to date being their second placement in the Spring Grid against Team BDS where they walked out with $12,000 in earnings. 

The team is currently set to participate in their last RLCS X event in the Spring Major, a 12-team tournament which they qualified for thanks to their Grid performance and from which they’ll walk away with $3,000 at a minimum in prize pool money.

SK Gaming is a German esports organisation which currently is home to FIFA, NBA2K, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and League of Legends professional teams.

Whether they are looking to add Rocket League to their list or both Rizex and the German Amigos community manager pulled our leg, make sure to tune in to the org’s Twitter account on 13th May for the full announcement.


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