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Lawler’s new Rocket League TV show “is not made for TV”

The Rocket League personality spoke to 33 Boost’s show, Fast Kickoff, for exclusive insight on his new TV show.
Lawler’s new Rocket League TV show “is not made for TV”

In our recent interview with Rocket League caster and personality Adam “Lawler” Thornton, we talked about his RLCS career and exit, future plans and most importantly, his new TV show, Ranking Up.

The biggest question surrounding the well-renowned car-soccer figure and his latest project was how Ranking Up will differentiate itself from the rest of the Rocket League programming on social and mainstream media -- and the answer sums up what many love about the Rocket League caster, no bullshit and to the point.

“[Other shows] are cookie-cutter. They're generic. Our TV show is not a TV show. It's not built for TV. It's built for YouTube”, the host explained.

fast kickoff lawler rlcs ranking up tv show 33 boost ginxtv mitchmozey interview adam thornton(Picture: World Showdown of Esports (WSOE)/GINX Esports TV)

“Each segment can be pulled across and put on a digital platform. Each segment on that show is built with the idea of ‘how will this translate to a YouTube audience?’ ‘How will this get clicks?’ ‘How will people watch and consume this content?’, whether it be a 13-minute clip or an eight-minute rant.”

Lawler also confirmed he has zero issues “stepping on people's toes” in the hopes of “a real answer” to Rocket League esports most pertinent questions.

“That's what we want. I think being direct with it and telling people what it is will get people excited about it.”

Ranking Up’s hype isn’t only on Lawler’s idea of making noise as the production team is all on board, too.

“Sports Net are literally handing me the keys. The team over there is absolutely fantastic. And they all understand we're not trying to cater to boomers. I'm so pumped about the mentality of the team”, he concluded.

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