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One-handed Rocket League pro beats former world champion, Scrub Killa, in first official 1v1 matches

Ashllxyy defeated Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson, 6-3, in a best of 1 match, winning US$5,000.
One-handed Rocket League pro beats former world champion, Scrub Killa, in first official 1v1 matches

A one-handed Rocket League player, currently ranked 6th in the world in 1s, defeated former world champion Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson in the Battle Of The Bulls to win US,000.

The player, who goes by Ashllxyy, was born without a right arm and plays the game using a combination of his left hand, his chin, and his right shoulder.

The Battle of the Bulls was a series of 1v1 exhibition matches held alongside the Rocket League Championship Series X Lamborghini Open, the final American RLCS Regional Tournament of the Spring Split. 

Battle of The Bulls
Battle of the Bulls featured the best 1s players in the world.(Picture: Psyonix)

It is thought to be the first time Psyonix has run official 1v1 match-ups.

Ashllxyy, who is from England, won the best-of-one tie 6-3, coming back from 3-1 to score five straight goals against Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson.

Scrub Killa is a Rocket League legend, having won the highest honour in the game RLCS World Championship, with Renault Vitality in Season 7. That tournament is played as 3v3, the standard game mode for Rocket League esports, but this was far from Scrub Killa's first rodeo, before he transitioned to 3s, he was once considered the best 1s player in the world.

"There was never a question of this guy's mechanical ability, anyone who has watched him play, you know this guy's got it," said John "Johnnyboi_i" MacDonald in the post-match.

Ashley one-handed rocket league player
Johnnyboi_i (pictured) felt it was no surprise to see Ashllxyy come out on top. (Picture: Zeebo/ ZeeboDesigns)

"He clearly has got the skill -- he's up there in the top 10 in the 1v1 ranks -- but to come in his first Rocket League competition, anywhere this kind of pressure[...] this guy is insane."

Ashllxyy who started playing on PlayStation 4 before switching to PC in January, originally started playing with his feet at the age of 9, reaching Bronze in the rankings. A switch to his current setup was in an attempt to get better at the game.

Ashley one hand Rocket League
Ashllxyy plays with a standard PlayStation controller. (Picture: amustycow)

Ashllxyy, like so many 1s players before him, has ambitions to make the move to 3s and test himself at the highest level.

In a recent video with Rocket League content creator, Wyatt "musty", Ashllxyy said:

"In the future? Everyone's dream is to go pro... I am just going to stick with 1v1s a while and see if I get anywhere and after that, I will try and learn 3v3."


You can watch the full Ashllxyy vs Scrub Killa match up below.