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Org drops Rocket League content creator after she faked having cancer

MsDirtyBird got caught lying about having brain cancer and was immediately dropped by N7 Esports.
A bizarre situation has developed within the Rocket League community, with content creator MsDirtyBird coming under fire for lying about having brain cancer for the past few months, with her org, N7 Esports, dropping her as a result. 

The news broke on 29th August thanks to a twitlonger shared by Rocket League player Sworn via Twitter, in which he exposed DirtyBird's track of lies with irrefutable evidence, including clips of DirtyBird's own family doubting her brain cancer story. 

Sworn explains that he made the twitlonger after DirtyBird accused him of creating a burner Twitter account called MsDirtyBirdShouldDie, looking to expose her for being a "pathological liar," bringing "examples and evidence of these lies" to the limelight. 

The first lie Sworn debunked was MsDirtyBird's health. She claimed to have had both "brain cancer and lung cancer that was metastatic," with a Twitch clip from DirtyBird's sister admitting this could potentially be false. 

Furthermore, MsDirtyBird herself confessed to lying about her condition. Sworn shared a Google Drive link with an admission of guilt adding that she "shows no remorse."

"She has not just lied about having cancer, she manifested a whole story and series of events in order to gain sympathy and attention from people," Sworn added, referring to how DirtyBird manipulated Kevin "Tri House" Fredrick's community, a prominent Rocket League content creator, via their official Discord channel, constantly fake updating them about her made-up cancer. 

The twitlonger continues to unravel the web of lies created by the Rocket League streamer, who allegedly threatened her sister with banning her from DirtyBird's Twitch channel after she was constantly debunking rumours, including one in which she revealed DirtyBird has yet to finish high school following fans questioning if DirtyBird's story of earning a Computer Science degree was made-up as well. 

As a result of this, N7 Esports, the org that was sponsoring MsDirtyBird when this came to light, quickly issued a statement removing her from their content creation team.

n7 management msdirtybird
N7 dropped MsDirtyBird immediately. (Picture: N7 Esports)

Eventually, MsDirtyBird acknowledged the accusations and issued a video apology on 30th August. The streamer explained that she will be taking time off from content creation, between six months and a year, as she'll seek help to improve her mental health.

"I don't want to be the type of content creator that is known for lying. I did not do it for the attention. I will be taking a step back and hopefully come back as a better person, better content creator."

rocket league msdirtybird
MsDirtyBird will be taking time off from content creation. (Picture: MsDirtyBird)

Finally, she apologised to Sworn for accusing him without proof of being the owner of the MsDirtyBirdShouldDie burner account. "I'm really sorry that I jumped to the conclusion of those accounts were you. I also wanted to thank you for putting out the evidence that you did, making that twitlonger."


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