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Rocket League
Rocket League

RLCS Season 9 - South America: Grand Series viewer's guide

South America is one of the most exciting regions in Rocket League esports. Here is a viewer's guide for the Grand Series Season 3 - where the top two teams will book their place at the RLCS Season 9 World Championship.
After an intense month of qualifiers, the South American branch of the Rocket League Championship Series will start on Sunday. 

Now in its third season, the Rocket Street Grand Series is South America’s route to the Rocket League World Championship in Dallas.

Here’s everything you need to know about South America's premier Rocket League tournament so you can enjoy all the action from one of the most exciting regions in the game.

RLCS Season 9 - South America: Grand Series - The Teams

Due to their strong performances last season, The Three Sins and the former Lowkey Esports rosters were invited straight to League Play, skipping the gruelling open qualifiers. The former Lowkey side is definitely the stronger out of the two, having claimed South America’s first World Championship win over Veloce Esports back in Madrid. 



Credit: Zeebo Pictured: Gabriel "caard" Vieira Cordosa of ex-Lowkey


However, SAM’s “Big Four” still remains, with Lotus, INTZ and the aforementioned Three Sins all gunning for their top spot once the season kicks off. This season is the first where a player from the Big Four has ended up on a new roster, with Matheus "math" Gonçalves losing his spot among the region’s top teams to Guilherme "Droppz" Siqueira, who makes his INTZ debut tomorrow against one of two sides in the league without a Brazillian on their roster, AION Esports.

The rest of the pack consists of math’s new side, recently acquired by Most Wanted, the core of the former Monos side now playing under Three Point Shooters, the previously-mentioned AION and new side Sapphire, with each of these four rosters looking to prove that the era of the Big Four is over in a similar way to the collapse of North America’s Big Three last season.


The Grand Series matches take place every Sunday, with games kicking off at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET / 16:00 BRT), with each week having five or six matches. League Play is followed by the Playoffs, taking place on March 22-23rd, where the top six teams will battle for a spot at the RLCS World Championship in Dallas at the end of April.


How To Watch The Grand Series Season 3

The Grand Series is broadcast on Rocket Street’s Twitch channel, with the commentary being in Spanish. Although the previous two seasons have featured an English stream courtesy of RocketLeagueCentral and Mythical Esports respectively, an announcement has not yet been made about the upcoming season.

The action kicks off this Sunday, February 16th, with The Three Sins taking on Three Point Shooters in the first matchup of the new season.