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RLCS Season 9 World Championship set for Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas will be the host of the Rocket League World Championship with the action taking place at the 7,000 seat Curtis Culwell Center on April 24-26
RLCS Season 9 World Championship set for Dallas, Texas

The Rocket League World Championship will be heading to Dallas, Texas on April 24-26 - the first time it will be heading to the Lone Star State.

Twelve of the world's best teams will head to the 7,000 seat Curtis Culwell Center to be crowned the RLCS World Champions. Last season's winners NRG esports, with their roster of Garret "GarrettG" Gordon, Pierre "TurboPolosa" Silfver and Justin "Jstn." Morales enter the season as favourites, but with an expanded regular season, the competition will be fiercer than ever.



The World Championship is the culmination of RLCS Season 9 League Play - which sees teams from North America, Europe, Oceania and South American battle it out to earn their spot at the showpiece LAN.

Eight teams, four from North America and four from Europe, qualify through their region's Regular Season. While two teams apiece from South American and Oceania earn their place through qualifiers unique to their region.

The World Championship prize pool is unconfirmed but is expected to be upwards of $500,000.

When the RLCS World Championship comes to Dallas, it will be 6th time it has taken place in the United States, having previously been played in Los Angeles(2), Washington D.C, Las Vegas and Newark. Europe is the only other region where the competition has been held, with Amsterdam, London and Madrid all being used as host cities.

Tickets for the event will go on sale on Saturday, February 22 at 8 a.m. PST (4 p.m. UTC) with options to purchase floor and bowl seating.

Will RLCS Season 9 postponement affect the Dallas LAN?

RLCS Season 9 World Championship Dallas

RLCS Season 9 was set to kick-off last Saturday with the NA League play, but a worldwide server outage meant players were unable to connect to matches. This affected not only professionals attempting to connect to their league matches but regular gamers as well.

With the casters on the official broadcast stalling for time, and viewers spamming 'F' in chat Psyonix attempted to get the servers back online. However, these issues proved insurmountable, and after an hour of delays, the decision was made to cancel the opening weekend of games - including Europe on Sunday - to protect the integrity of the sport.

These games will be now be rescheduled for a later date effectively making this weekend - Week 2 - the opening day of the season. 

And while this delay has undoubtedly left egg on the face of Psyonix it is not expected to affect the Dallas LAN which is set for April 24-26.