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Rocket League
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Rocket League: Best defending training packs

Keeping goals out is one of the hardest parts of Rocket League for new players (and old), here are some defending training packs that will help you improve quickly and reliably.
Ah... defending. Such a cruel mistress, unlike when you're on the attack, one mistake in defence and all the good work up to that point will quickly be forgotten. 

Good defending isn't just great saves, last-ditch challenges, or on the front foot interceptions (though these are all part of it), no a much more important factor than all of these is... consistency. 

Consistency in the theory you apply to defending and the manner in which you execute and that can only be gained by knowing your strengths, and weaknesses, and running drills that consistently recreate real-world scenarios 

The training packs below are all designed to improve your defending, from your defending in the air, goalkeeping and

The best training packs to improve your defending in Rocket League

Using training packs in Rocket League is easy and employing custom ones like those on the list is a case of finding it among a list or entering a code - you can do custom training packs on all versions of the game (PC and console)

To use custom training packs you need to:

  1. Load up Rocket League and click on "Play".
  2. Head into "Training".
  3. Click on "Custom".
  4. Click "enter code" and then add the code of the custom training you would like to do.
  5. You can add it to your favourites to make it easier to find in the future.

[Why You Suck] Shadow Defense

Created by OrangePie

Best defending training packs in Rocket League
(Picture: Psyonix)

This training pack has one focus to improve your ability to redirect those long shots that fly over your head and into your goal uncontested when you first start playing.

This training pack will send 20 shots, starting off relatively simple and then getting increasingly difficult.

The goal is simple if not the execution.

Anticipate the flight of the ball, jump, and make contact with it in the air. Not all 'shots' will be on target but the goal is still to get up and make contact with it, disruption is key to defence and this training pack is great for drilling that into you.

At first, you will just be happy to hit the ball, but as you get better you should start considering where you are positioning yourself and the ball after contact.

Download code: 5CCE-FB29-7B05-A0B1

Overhead Goalie #2

Created by FAMIYOW

If you think you are a good goalkeeper in Rocket League try out Overhead Goalie #2 and reconsider your opinion.

defence goalkeeper training packs rocket league
(Picture: Psyonix)

This training pack is devilish, eight tricky shots with little time to react, this is all about positioning yourself quickly and rising to meet the shot. 

It's hard, it's infuriating, but do this for five minutes a day and soon you truly will be a good goalkeeper.

Download code: 17F2-309A-8FA5-13BE

Uncomfortable Saves

Created by Carlos Mailman

This training pack is all about recreating those shots that if you were to keep it out in a real game it would go down as the best save you've ever made.

Ceiling bounces, awkward angles, and those shots that are fly directly over you and have you questioning what way you should go. Sixteen shots in all, they come thick and fast, it's a great way to warm up due to the sheer variety. 

Do it twice though, because the first time will smack your confidence, but the second will give you hope.

Imrpove goalkeeping and defending in Rocket League how to
(Picture: Psyonix)

Download code: 5CB2-6D82-1B52-47B7