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Rocket League: Best shooting training packs

Whiffing your shots? Sick of hitting the backboard when it was easier to score? Then you need to get training - we have done the research and found you the best shooting training packs in Rocket League designed to get you shooting like the pros.
Rocket League: Best shooting training packs
Scoring a goal. It is probably the most satisfying part of Rocket League. It doesn't matter if you get the faintest of touches on the ball as it rolls meekly over the line or you connect with it sweetly as it falls from the sky, smashing it with pace and power into the corner of the goal - they all feel great.

Playing as much as possible is a good way to improve, but there is a better, much more reliable way to improve your shooting in Rocket League and that is by using specially designed shooting training packs.

Doing these shooting routines for anywhere between five and thirty minutes before you dive into some ranked matches will warm you up and drastically improve your shot power and accuracy.

Rocket league shooting training packs best
(Picture: Psyonix)

They are also designed to make you more comfortable with a wide variety of shots, from double touches off the backboard, to long-range smashes you are going to get good at all of them, and quickly.

The best training packs to improve your shooting in Rocket League

Using training packs in Rocket League is easy and employing custom ones like those on the list is a case of finding it among a list or entering a code - you can do custom training packs on all versions of the game (PC and console)

To use custom training packs you need to:

  1. Load up Rocket League and click on "Play".
  2. Head into "Training".
  3. Click on "Custom".
  4. Click "enter code" and then add the code of the custom training you would like to do.
  5. You can add it to your favourites to make it easier to find in the future.

Shots You Shouldn't Miss

Created by RLC | Fickle Platypus

Rocket league training packs for shooting shots you shouldn't miss
(Picture: Psyonix)

This one is cruelly named because while it might be called shot you shouldn't miss when you first start out you'll probably miss a lot of them. 

The aim here is simple - 10 shots with a moving ball.

You cannot let the ball bounce once you hit it, though you can follow it up if you hit it off the backboard or take a touch and then shoot.

However, this training pack is really all about improving your first-time shots so this is what you should be trying to do.

What makes this pack so good, especially for translating improvements made here into proper games is the short amount of time you get to set up for each shot which will help improve your shooting ability in high-pressure situations.

Download code: 42BF-686D-E047-574B

Shooting Consistency

Created by Wayprotein | A&M

The best training packs to improve shooting in Rocket League
(Picture: Psyonix)

This pack is a more forgiving and is my personal choice for warming up before jumping into ranked.

The pack sets you up with 20 shots, of every type from backboard rebounds to faux infield passes.

You are given more time (10 seconds) and the ball can bounce but don't be lazy, know your own level and test yourself each time it loads up.

The shots get harder as you go on and you can feel the progress after just two or three sessions.

Download code: 4912-A5C9-9A56-555D

Ground Shots

Created by Poquito

Ground shot training Rocket League pack
(Picture: Psyonix)

Ground shots are personally some of my most favourite to hit in Rocket League something about racing onto a low ball and hitting it power and accuracy or adding a spin that makes it awkward for the goalkeeper to save it just so satisfying that it deserves being practised in isolation.

There are 50 shots in all here with 10 seconds to hit each. Add this to our daily routines and watch as you become a ground master.

Download code: 6EB1-79B2-33B8-681C